'Spice' warning: Medical marijuana user hospitalized after turning to synthetic marijuana

After using synthetic marijuana, also known as spice, which is sold at convenience stores around the Bay Area, a woman says …


  1. Are you allergic of any sertian foods or bugs bite or poison tree or plant ? Well there people out there is say way from marijuana and cannabis.. now you think its fair for others or you just a 666 or the bullying person and a assault person that dont give a crap like a real devil satan cult .

  2. The best way to cope with life is basically without weed, pills booze. The human body needs nourishment(food) and water, everything else is a person's mind from basic rationalization. I have a weed addict at work, claims doctors have diagnosed him with this and that, medical marijuana calms him down. Its sickening to watch a man lie to himself, then try to get others to believe it to. I told him the truth about it, he became defensive. First sign of an addict….

  3. Not only are they dangerous they are very strong and can be more addictive than meth. The high is like smoking crack and the strongest weed you've ever smoked and the urge to re use is almost irresistible. I was hooked for around 7 years, overdosing was a common occurrence (especially when vaporization of pure chemical), my heart would race extremely fast and I'd go into a full blown psychotic trip but I always managed to survive. Id tap my chest in a rhythm to slow my heart down and literally pray to God I'd survive and crazy thing is 30 minutes later I'd do it all over again. Finally I quit using synthetic cannabinoids after overdosing while on 8 tabs of LSD and had a very profound experience, I had over a pound of very strong spice and I flushed it all down the toilet. I had severe dissociation and physical withdrawals while I was detoxing and wasn't able to get any effect from natural cannabis for almost a year as it had completely fried my receptors. There are some drugs that are just evil and this is up there with meth and fentanyl, I'm lucky it didn't kill me.

  4. These are reasons as to why alternative hemp derive cannabinoids need to be more widespread like delta 8, thca, cbg, hhc and so on. They’re just as safe as marijuana when properly extracted but so much cheaper

  5. What a stupid advice. They should have said don’t smoke or take any kind of drugs whatsoever. Guess what i don’t smoke anything and I’m perfectly healthy and happy. I don’t understand why people think they need these things in life.

  6. I've smoked spice a few times thank God i didn't have a really serious reaction but it's not like marijuana at all it's more intense that you can't concentrate or know what's going on and makes your heart race more so much so that it's hard to breathe.

  7. are they talking about delta 8??? or actual spice?? i rmeber spice was a big thing YEARS ago when it first came out everyone was doing it such a bad idea and scary drug TRUST ME GUYS just stay drug free if you MUST do somthing make sure its all natural safe (legal) marijuana or have a glass of wine everything else is FAR to risky so many things are tampered w even weed could be laced w this stuff so be safe out there guys

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