Spectrum CBD Gummies 'Shark Tank' Scam and Reviews, Explained

People are searching for the four words Spectrum CBD Gummies scam about the 300mg product “for ED” and “for diabetes” and …


  1. My grandma bought these ???? she likes to scroll through ads from facebook. It’s like pulling teeth trying to explain that these articles are fake. Moral of the story there is now 50+ bottles in her cabinet:/ they keep charging her like it’s a subscription. I can’t even find the website that she used to purchase these also she gets bottles when the brand proper. Hundreds of dollars have been stolen from her

  2. I got scammed got 5 bottles of gummies for $199.88 and then there was a additional withdraw on my debit card for $59.99 for 2 bottles of capsules and I got a email with a confirmation of my order with a customer service number and told them to cancel my order and the refunded me $100 but said I had to wait to get my shipment, call customer service number to get rest of my refund, I got a call from my bank about the suspicious activity and so they cancelled debit card immediately. I called the customer service number many times only to have a disconnect each time, it never even rang through, my bank dispute department could not even get through, I finally recieved my gummies 10 days after I ordered and my bank got through a phone call and the said they would not refund me the $99.88 because I had put in a dispute through my bank even after they told me they would give me the rest refund after I return the item.
    I was very lucky to even get $100 returned but still waiting if the bank can get the $59.99 but have to take the $99.88 as a loss and I am stuck with 5 bottles of worthless gummies and 2 bottles capsules. I to got sucked into the Shark Tank endorsment of this product.

  3. I bought the spectrum CBD gummies for my husband I only wanted 1 bottle and they charged me for 5 they had a phone number only got half my money back but they sent the 5 bottles I got if for him for Ed and it's supposed to be a male enhancement but I don't know it's a scam I was expecting it to only be $40 but it was less that a $1 shy of $200

  4. Unfortunately, I fell for it. My credit card company had 2 phone numbers for this merchant but neither of them were any good. I will have to dispute the charge…don't know if I'll get my money back. 🙁

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