South Dakota recreational marijuana legalization returns to ballot l ABC News

Roughly 45% of South Dakotan voters are in favor of the marijuana legalization initiative, while 47% are opposed, and 8% are …


  1. Not sure if it's it true or not, but i heard that the SD state legislature is trying to pass a law to prevent the people from even being able to vote on recreational anymore.

  2. update… 3 states with lack of reasoning rejected it.. North and South Dakota and Arkansas. Just remember this when they ask for federal help. The help and control was in their hands and they seem to lack understanding of what this would have done for them.
    Instead, may they continue to have to track down weed, which is as common as human beings are.

  3. They took all our marijuana tax money and used it for hard drug addicts' treatment in Oregon. It's taxation without representation. They should be taxing and making them alcohol companies pay if anyone. Make them drug traffickers pay. The government won't ever stop bleeding us dry and hurting us for their own power.

  4. Legalize cannabis federally nationwide now. Within each and every state, the law of the land. Treat relatively benign cannabis exactly like we currently treat far more dangerous and deadly alcohol. Perfectly legal in all states. This way irrational prohibitionist politicians will no longer be able to intentionally obstruct, stall, and delay cannabis legalization against the will of the vast majority of Americans.

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