Sorry Boss Babe! New Study Says Essential Oils May Cause Seizures

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  1. just a really little note that like – well – this title is going to really alienate the people I know personally who really care about essential oils and those are the people I'm most concerned with reaching re this issue :/

  2. Fun fact: in biology and chemistry we refer to plant lipids as oils and to animal lipids as fats, because plant lipids have a lower melting temperature, so they behave like liquids even at a room temperature. We also call plant lipis, essential lipids, because animals can't sythetise them, so it's essential that we get them from other sources unlike the non-essentisl lipids (fats). So technically speaking all oils are essential.

  3. Essential oils also cause a reduction in your wealth and disposable income thanks for the great report Rebecca and the research that you put into these videos.????????

  4. My mom buys doterra and she will practically chase me down with the breathe oil when im congested to rub it on my face despite the fact I have extremely sensitive skin and it burns when its on my skin


  5. Holy effing assault. That’s absolutely unacceptable, and terribly irresponsible behaviour.

    Not that I’m wishing anyone have a nasty reaction from being assaulted, but that person needs the fear of a negligence leading to manslaughter charge.

  6. Deep tissue and swedish massage is beneficial. Swedish is just a generally relaxing massage while deep tissue works out muscle cramps and soreness. The rest of it like reflexology and shit is total woo woo nonsense. A former friend owns two massage spas and I told him he shouldn't offer those other services without a disclaimer they're only offered as a novelty and have no scientific evidence of showing any benefit.

  7. Pretty bummed to hear about seizures from tea tree oil. I've used it all throughout my adult life as a antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory treatment and I've never had a problem. I don't think I'll be so quick to recommend it to people who haven't tried it now. I use it every time I get out of the shower because I have really sensitive skin but that's just me!

  8. My little sister had some kind of essential oils sprayed on her and she ended up having seizures very soon after. She was super scared and my parents took her to the hospital. She was ok and all my relatives immediately got rid of any essential oils. She hasn’t have any seizures since!

  9. This is not new information. I'm glad you are bringing it up, but these warnings for certain essential oils have been around for years. Please see a professional before dabbling, or at least a few decent references!

  10. My mom used eucalyptus and balm tree oils when I was a kid. The air in her room was suffocating, and even outside of it, it felt like something heavy was crushing my chest. Balm tree oil can cause asthma attacks in children even if they don't have asthma otherwise, and since I had iron deficiency anemia, anything that made breathing harder hit me hard. I suspect she deliberately used it as a child-repellant.

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