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The DOUGHERTY DOZEN are a family vlogging/food haul/meal prep family. You can find them in such vlogs as Grocery Haul for …


  1. In my own experience, when I quit consuming loads of sugary products, my concentration & focus significantly improved, & my fidgety body movements settled down. I was able to sleep much more readily. If you've ever seen Alicia's grocery shopping, you will know that they eat WAY TOO MUCH sugar. I think they could possibly cut in half the amount of ppl on meds for ADHD if they worked on their diets. It helped me A LOT.

  2. Shockingly hypocritical!!!! :05 Just 8 months ago she did a "Shorts" video that showed a photo of each child with a label of either "Adopted" or "Biological". So obviously she DOESN'T believe in not "exposing any stories to random strangers" cause she already did it. SMH

  3. So these "Foster children" are removed from their parents and put in the care of this crazy woman. This absolutely screams child protection but who the hell is going to protect them when "those" ment to place children in a safe environment put them with her.
    Americas children's service need too take a long hard look at this woman. Not too mention she is being PAID to look after and protect these precious children. Disgusting absolutely disgusting.
    Dougal keep on doing what you do ????????????

  4. What’s wrong with her?. Surely with most of the kids being adopted they’d be something in place regarding their safety by the authorities. It’s always about the fame and money with these people and the second something happens theres always an excuse as to why.

  5. ADHD does not necessarily mean you don’t sleep. There is a huge amount of evidence that diet and hyperactivity are linked. Maybe if the kids didn’t eat and drink so many sugary products they wouldn’t show signs of ADHD! It’s unlikely that every child bar one has ADHD. I would have thought it best to change their diet rather than pump them all full of melatonin which has some very nasty side effects. Yes I am the mum of a child with ADHD! Not linked to diet. He’s never had to take anything to help with his sleep.

  6. Wonder if this woman has been investigated for Munchausen by proxy? As these kids have a lot of issues and she seems to delight in it.
    I dont think their high sugary diet would be helping with their issues either

  7. People know where they live ,so Alcia now assumes it`s ok to let these strangers know when and where they`re away on holiday ,oh and where each child sleeps in their house!!Is she seriously mad?? What`s to stop someone from breaking in.Doesn`t she understand the meaning of safety first??Smdh.

  8. She’s not going to expose her kids to strangers ????
    So does Alicia think exposing and exploiting her kids and giving all their details of what problems they have is fine because , YouTube is different and YouTube are not strangers lol????

  9. I cannot believe how she thinks it's ok to do this. I always thought that when you foster or adopt that you're not supposed to put them on social media because of issues with the biological family.

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