Seth Doane on the growing addiction to anti-anxiety medication, debilitating withdrawal symptoms

60 Minutes+ correspondent Seth Doane reports on how drugs like Xanax have upended the lives of some young Americans.


  1. I get gagging and nausea. I have been having gagging and and retching and I believe from withdrawal but my psychiatrist and other support such as family refuses to believe my retching and dry heaving is a withdrawal symptom. My insurance doesn't cover treatment centers since I am on medicare and medi-cal. also my help comes from regional center RCEB due to a disability. It is like going to the dentist taking my X-ray every few minutes for many years. Usually Seroquel helps me too at bedtime

  2. I took benzo for over a year and quit cold turkey. Didn't know of any withdrawal symptoms people talk about and don't recall having any but I was smoking weed so maybe that's why. Then a year later I cold turkey quit weed out of love for a family member.

  3. Things that will help withdrawal are as follows….. Vervain, skullcap, motherwart, passionflower, lemon balm, ginger, onion, l-theanine, taurine, Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, reiki, positive thinking and breath work( very important) ☮️❤️to all you can do this!!!

  4. My neurologist prescribed me Ativan, but only for short term use when needed. She also warned me that it can be very addictive. I think her doctor should be held accountable

  5. I hate to have to go counter narrative here, but I've taken them for a long time and really have nothing bad to say. Maybe you guys aren't taking them right.

  6. It’s a MILLION TIMES WORSE THAT STOPPING OPIODS! It’s a Mind BOGGLING TORTURE of the Mind & Nervous System! They are NOT SUPPOSED to be prescribed longer than a Week!

  7. I am selling my car and moving to thailand to smoke legally and get of benzo that was prescribed fkr me by ignorant doctor, if you need a friend and company, text me maybe we can do it together, i believe good companions help

  8. I started having problems with Xanax within three or four days. just before I needed the next pill, my heart went racing. I realised that I was on my way to getting addicted, so I stopped taking the meds immediately. This drug can be lethal. It's weird because I had no problems with Valium.

  9. It worked and treated my anxiety but my psychiatrist jus told me to take it for 15 days only and also told me to continue escitalopram anti depressant. That anti depressant was also stopped gradually and now I am perfectly fine and Completely off the medication. All I can say is that this drug is meant to be used for short period of time only

  10. It is true evil to get people addicted to these substances, the worst withdrawal I've had is from sertraline (an SSRI) and even that is bad enough! Sometimes when tapering I struggle finding anything to look forward to

  11. It's incredible how this pills are prescribed by doctors like aspirin but they're SO adictive and hard to get off. I'm tapering clonazepam and it's a real struggle.

  12. What feels worse than feeling powerless? Nothing.
    What feels better than reclaiming your power? Nothing. ❤️
    I’ll never give my power away to anyone again.

    No one is my guru especially not a complete Stranger,
    a supposed “ expert, a person who is making money off taking my inherent power and keeping it from me. Keeping me weak and needy. Dependent.
    Not happening.
    Never again.
    All the best to everyone.
    We got this. ????????????????
    It’s worth it. For our loved ones and ourselves. ❤

  13. My doctor purposely won't give me Xanax because of my history with over drinking alcohol. Rather he prescribes me Seroquil. It's become very difficult to sleep without it

  14. Psilocybin containing mushrooms saved my life. The drastically reduced my benzodiazepine withdrawal allowing me to quite illicit pill addiction after three years of heavy daily use before it would had became medically dangerous to quit. It has also helped me survive depression and anxiety

  15. The companies that make these Benzos are just as bad as the companies that lied about the addiction risks of Opiods aka Johnson & Johnson "A Family Company".

    These dirt bag greedy companies don't care about us and their medications put a badaid on peoples problems then the wound festers, never heals, the makes the person sicker than they were before.

    How convenient that the symptoms these drugs are meant to counter act also cause the same symptoms you were trying to cure but they're 10 times worse than when you started.

  16. Does anyone suffer feeling like brain doesn't function normally? Like you don't understand a simple thing and become overwhelmed of any normal things and can't understand that people can live their lives.
    I am tapering with Ashton manual and suffer that all the time. Year ago brain lock went away when I got crossover from oxazepam to diazepam and (I was on awful withdrawl) nyt taper was too quick and went badly wrong. Now I have tolerance and tapering. Used just as prescriped. Please someone help if you have had brain function problems in benzo use and tapering. I need hope.

  17. Klonopin is much much more powerful, and way more effective you don't have to redos five times a day, you only have to take Klonopin two maybe 3 times a day, But I think if you take you Clonazepam or alprazolam right they are extremely effective treating anxiety and panic attacks….But Klonopin and Xanax are both extremely addictive…. People think Xanax is the most powerful that is NOT THE CASE, KLONOPIN

  18. What happened to "do no harm"? Some doctors out there dispense benzodiazepines to their patients like it's candy. With no warnings or anything. Doctors should be held accountable for their inhumane behavior. No mention of that whatsoever.

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