Seizures in Cats (What You Need to Know)

Pete Wedderburn, DVM explains the causes, symptoms, and treatment of seizures in cats. Whether your cat’s had a seizure before …


  1. If your cat is having a seizure, please watch them closely while timing the duration of the convulsions. Contact your veterinarian as soon as possible for further advice and, if the seizure continues for more than a few minutes, rush your cat to an emergency vet.

  2. I have an older cat who is having what we think are seizures. We’re taking her to the vet tomorrow to have her evaluated and see what options we have for her going forward. Hopefully everything will go okay.

    Little update: She started urinating blood. I think her kidneys are failing and she’s not able to filter out toxins, so that’s why she’s having seizures. But I’m not a vet and we’re taking her to the vet tomorrow.

    Update 2: So, my cat is still alive after her vet visit. They took some blood and urine and ran a whole bunch of tests and all her organs are functioning as they should be. So the seizures are definitely just in the brain and don’t have any outside source that we’re aware of. They also said from how the seizures look, that they are vestibular seizures. We don’t have her on any seizure medication since we want her to live as naturally as possible. So far she hasn’t had another one today, so that’s also a good sign. As for the blood in her urine, they said that she has FIC and the way they explained it is when a cat gets really stressed, the bladder becomes inflamed and the urine gets bloody. But that’s something that goes away naturally. She has arthritis in her hips, which is why she has a somewhat wide and odd stance, but that is totally normal for a cat that is around 20 years old. I’m happy with the outcome I’ve gotten today. I still have her in my life, and she’s not sick and suffering. I’ll continue to keep an eye on her seizures to see exactly how long they last, how long it takes her to recover, and what they look like. Possibly take a video of it and show that to the vets. That way we can be more sure of what’s happening to her and how to treat it.

  3. have just watched my cat having his third fit (that I know of) this month. and this video has explained a lot.. i love my boy cat dearly,so wil do what ever i can. is there any medications, like there are for humans.?>

  4. I read that, roundworms also can cause seizures? My cat had high levels of this worm and he started to have seizures recently. Would deworming help in this case? Thank you

  5. My 4 year old started having them 8 weeks ago, she had 48 in one week, but after her 4th one I took her to emergency vet , with video, the woman told me that’s normal cat play behavior. Then she had one there and all the sudden she’s like well I can give u phenobarbital if it makes u feel better ????????yea pissed by now , paid my 457.00 and left. Sissy had 20 more seizures over that weekend i took her to animal hospital, cost me 8500, she sees the vet weekly we cannot figure this out she’s had 86 and counting seizures, it breaks my heart and it’s affecting her quality of life, but I’m out of money. And I’m convinced they are killing my baby girl.

  6. could listen to this guy talk all day, what a lovely voice, and an excellent thorough video. Im doing my ISFM level 4 for vet nurses and this has been a fab revision vid before I get started on my section about seizure, so this is suitable for laymen and professionals alike.

  7. Our neighbors have a cat that basically spends all its time at our place. It is an outdoors cat but we feed it and it plays with our dog. Today the cat was shaking horribly, like it was cold or something, then she had a seizure that lasted good 30 secs to a full minute, after that she could barely walk and was hallucinating heavily. Than she somehow slowly got to the sand pit, pooped and immediately vomited after that. We grabbed her and drove her to the vet who gave her about 4 injections and infusion. She calmed down a little for and hour or so, but after that she was in a horrible state. Whole night she is having a seizure and I don't know what to do. The vet told us that she ate or licked something poisonous but we do not know what. The cat is about 6 months old btw.

  8. my cat has CH. she also has an over bite. she is also currently in heat. so all of these combined is making it really had for me to tell if shes having seizures. i tested to see if shes aware while shes shaking and shes reacting to those things. but shes yowling because shes in heat, drooling because she has an overbite, and floppy because shes floppy by nature. the shaking is new for her. she has a mild case of CH so she doesnt have many tremors. i want to say that the shaking is because she has no stability and that shes trying to perch but she cant. she has all the signs of seizures but impossible to tell if they're actually seizures. she is quite the medical anomaly

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  10. Got my cat from a shelter back in like March
    I noticed seizure within a month
    Seen it happen few times since but I know it happens a lot cuz he is indoor/outdoor and his sides are very matted
    He loses bladder control and bowels control while having them and urine and feces go everywhere
    I have to cut things from his furs constantly
    He had poop in his fur when I adopted him so I know it happened there too but they told me when I called them he never had any there
    I think they were lying or had never been paying attention enough to have seen it

  11. I have a stray cat around my house which was meowing very loudly, so we took him to the vet. The vet said there's no problem. When we came back home, I think he had a seizure. He hasn't been able to stand (it's been an hour), but he can roll and move. Any idea when he'll go back to normal?

  12. I have a 2 months old kitten that I rescued from the streets. She has a recurrent twitching on her left eye and cheek that happens every time she wakes up and sometimes after playing. It often last no more than 30 seconds, but can occur several times a day. She seems to have no pain and no other sympthoms (it seems actually like she doesnt realize at all). She plays and runs everywhere, and I feel this doesnt interfere with her normal life. But… Should I be worried? Does anyone know if is it normal for this to worsen over time or it will stay like that?

  13. My cat doesn't seem to have seizures but it's left hind paw is knuckling, dragging behind. He seems ot have lost control of it, all of a sudden.

    He's 2 and seemed super healthy until yesterday. He still eats and I just verified he still pees. Seems kind of normal, a bit lethargic, hangs around in the hall kind of meowing.

    I too cannot afford a vet at the moment, at all. Anyone has any clue? The paw itselft doesnt seem hurt, its like he doesnt know the paw exists (lost control).

    So far my research might indicate something suddenly wrong with sciatic nerve (although he doenst go outside or exercsie much) or more likely the dreaded FIP… Any information is welcomed please.

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