Scott Ritter Extra Ep. 41: Ask the Inspector

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  1. 57:30 No way Russia is stronger than NATO, and Russia knows that! Russia has a far smaller population than the sum of all NATO countries, therefore less potential conscripts, it also has less satellites to track enemy movements, less money to manufacture weapons, and lacks critical microchip technology!

  2. Слышал, что немцы посылают танки на Украину, 14 штук и 88 штук. Это символично, потому, что 14 – 88 означает Хайль Гитлер. Германия крикнула России Хайль Гитлер?

  3. You know, if the US would quit strangling Russia's economy, seriously and sincerely, they would not need Ukraine as a buffer zone. That is the point – to keep Russia out of the EU and the US economic hegemony.

  4. OK, nevermind, I asked my previous question before the end of the show, and the question has been answered quite clearly and concisely. Thank you, Scott.

  5. It's not clear to me, but I see Scott contradicting himself, at least it seems that way. He often implies that if somehow nuclear weapons would mysteriously disappear today, and oscillates between these two scenarios, with the first scenario is that if all of NATO could come to Ukraine's aid, they'd push Russia out, and even get to Moscow, and the second scenario if all of NATO comes to Ukraine's aid, they would not stand a chance against Russia and wouldn't be able to drive Russia out. I'm confused, which scenario is it!? I'm only curious what Scott and other "officials" like McGregor would think has the superior military (clearly nukes ruled out as mentioned above).

  6. Scott, I both like and appreciate your take on the cessation of hostilities and your framework to do so.
    But as you alluded, much of this has to do with that sociopathic tendency of the U.S. – especially the U.S. political notion of "having to save face", especially on the back of its embarrassing abandonment of Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Saying this Scott, this whole Russian-Ukrainian War, engineered by the U.S. and NATO, seems to have just as much to do with, if not everything to do with deterring China natural growth and expansion, which the U.S.'s self- perceived righteousness of global hegemony feels it has to not just stop, but crush.
    Im of the opinion that since the Serbian-Bosnian War 1992, NATO's reason for existence – a defensive alliance against the "perceived" threat of the former Soviet Union is 32-years obsolete. The fact that NATO has been used as an offensive organisation, directed by the U.S. like its own Praetorian Guard, along with its unending expansion up on to the Russian boarders (and now Finland and Sweden), is it any wonder the Russians felt compelled to act against Ukraine, after endless pleas and warning…….

  7. You're the nazi Scott, advocating for Hitler's opinion on weapon policy for us peasants.
    I'll give you a hint dipshit, a right is not when you go submit to a fucking body cavity search and beg the masters for a privilege. That aint what the founding fathers meant when they used the word right.

  8. Thank you for naming the problem Scott! The U.S. Justice system is broken! Our government is sold out to their corporate capitalist donors. There's a saying inside that "All the real criminals are on the outside"

  9. Ukraine refugees that came to UK refused to stay in black areas quoting the fact that the UK is "full of terrorist" .
    this is fact and was reported on.

  10. the funny thing is that Americans dont seem to wake up to the truth that they are culturally inferior to almost all the 'alternative' cultures in the world!
    It makes me feel emparassed for them when they act as if they are equal or even superior in any given discussion.

    Bhudda said "walk to the pace of your weakest", we do, but did Bhudda meant that we have to relish their ungratful ranting too!!

  11. Scott is absolutely correct re D. Trump. He boasted about north korea he will do this, fire and fury… but ended do naff all. North korea is making more nukes we could imagine. Dont be surprised one day to hear that Kim Jon Un have a nuke arsenal bigger than US

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  13. Who is it that assumes that Medvedev will be president after Putin? Medvedev has a very low rating among Russians. After his phrase, which became winged (Medvedev is not loved, he is a downed pilot.

  14. Love listening to Scott but regarding Britney. She's been to Russia numerous times, she knew the laws. Weed is not even that hard to get in Russia and if you do get caught with a bit of it, you just pay the cop. However, bringing it in with you is next level arrogant and stupid. It's honestly hard to process.

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