Rheumatologist & Pain Management (CBD, Magnesium, Turmeric) | Aug 15, 2016

After seeing the rheumatologist, I have to get blood work to see if I have any inflammation or arthritis. If that is ruled out, then my …


  1. no understatement, the cbd supplements are pricey to damned. however, i researched about the net…according to my cost-benefit analysis it seems very worth the shelling out. i'm excited to try it!

  2. You have really beautiful eyes and such a relaxing voice. Is it weird to say that I kind of feel like I'm on the phone to you or something when I watch the videos on this channel? Maybe it's just because I'm not used to them being unscripted, but you really help me calm down and feel much more at ease. Thank you so much for sharing your videos, you're a wonderful person. ♥

  3. It is not legal where I am in Canada, but I have a government medical, medicinal card. I get 20.1 CBD oil. I can get the stuff that gets you really stoned but I'm not into that. My oil, I put 3 Mg s under my tongue, it really helps my pain and to sleep. Here with shipping it is $135.00 per month, but it's worth it for me. All I needed to do is have my Dr fill out my papers and I got a card. They offer a lot of different things, like pot, oils, etc. Pot is supposed to be legal here next yr, so we will see what happens then lol. CBD oil helps small children with seizures, and people with cancer, Fibro etc. It does work, plus there of dispensaries, every where. I did get customer cards from them also as they have more variety of things to try. I am glad it is helping you Ella????That CBD oil comes in many strengths. I am glad to see you back. Good luck with all your channels????

  4. Elle, either way, I hope you will get very effective pain relief. My sister's in law's sister has Fibromyalgia and I actually hope it's NOT that compared to arthritis. That is based on knowing people with both. I think you might have mentioned the Indian root powder, Ashwagandha but if not..Amazon.com has the organic kind for like $18-$19. They help with several things including reducing inflammation. Also helps calms you and helps your mood a bit. It helps you sleep as well. I recommend it! ❤️❤️????????????

  5. I have been using cannabis treatments for about 6 years no and it changed my life completely around for the better. I have a brittle bone disorder and have had Way over 100 fractures/breaks in my 48 years of life. I was on pain killers that screwed me up every way you can imagine. Not to mention the psychological effects that I was on OTHER meds as well. Natural is the best way to go. .

  6. I am SO glad that you tried CBD – I was wondering about the medical marijuana/oil route for pain relief as I know that it seems to be the best, most natural thing ???? It's sad how expensive it seems to be though – When my mother's penpal from the USA was going through stomach cancer, he couldn't afford it, and I feel as though it wouldv'e greatly helped him near the end. I hope with more awareness the price becomes more reasonable. Please let us know how it continues to go. ????

    Also, a room/house tour would be cool to see! ???? xxx

  7. Fibromyalgia pain is meant to be worse than arthritis pain, so don't hope for that. I'd say it probably is. I have Fibro and it's destroyed my life. Shiatsu has been great for me. I see one of the top practitioners in the world.

  8. I have to take magnesium because Im a ballet dancer and if I wouldnt do that Id get the worst cramps and wouldnt be able to dance en pointe that well c:

  9. To be honest.   I truly want to be a follower of yours.  But at the same time I get the feeling you can't be truly honest with people around you, let alone people on youtube.  I truly want to believe that you are a 'true' person but at the same time all I get that the vibes from you is very Dishonest about who you truly are because you don't want to be honest with yourself as a Real Person and who you are truly are.

  10. Just an idea- but you should set up a patron online for your meds. I'd totally help! And I know many of your lovely, and loyal following would love and want to help. Just something to think about maybe. Heaps of youtubers/bloggers use this method for various reasons (some take advantage of it but you have a perfect case) but we know you're not like that xo

  11. Take us outdoors for a walk with you on a selfie stick!! ???????? That would be lovely going for a stroll together hehehe ???? I'm so happy the canabbis oil is working for you, I was going to suggest something along those lines. You hear so many success stories. Are you going to increase your dose and see you how feel with that? Also, your room is so pretty. I love the colour of your walls, suits you & your personality very much ????See you in #3

  12. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but your vid makes me think of the Blair Witch Project. Its partly to do with your Goth like ambience. But, it mainly is the documentary style camera shots that are so up close and personal. However, when you started speaking on your medical issues that offset the macabre like atmosphere I was picking up on. Congrats on the new channel. I'm very curious to learn more about you. Autumn's Q & A stuff was usually very humorous and entertaining. I have a feeling you share the same sense of humor? I hope so and I hope you showcase it here. Good luck with your channel!

  13. Dude, I keep getting little peeks of your room and I'm thinking, "ooooo I like those colors! Those posters look cool!" Could you do a room tour? I want to see more of the cool stuff you have 😀 btw you're pretty

  14. This can be your fun, outlet channel =) Not much work involved at all!!! Love that big tree – above your bed?? Is that where it is? I kept saying I wish she would just hold the camera so I can see the entire thing! LOLOLOL Have a good one Elle!!!

  15. It might be worth trying arnica oil for pain management too. I make it for my mum who has osteoarthritis and severe fibromyalgia, and my nan who had knee replacement a few years ago.
    You can buy it but it's much cheaper to make it in a rice cooker for 3 days. You just fill the rice cooker with dry flowers bought online (generally cheaper) and cover with olive oil ( not extra virgin as it has moisture in it, shortening the shelf life). Leave the rice cooker on warm/low setting for 3 days then cool and strain it. I use a colander and chic or cheese cloth to strain it. All you have to do then is funnel into a bottle and apply it twice a day. It's very effective. It's an anti- inflammatory and pain killer. First time my nan used it she was amazed. It acts very quickly.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this info. I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a kid & was diagnosed with fibromyalgia several years ago. I also suffer from depression & anxiety etc. I was happy to hear I'm not the only person who suffers from all these symptoms & yet blood work shows everything is normal. I've tried taking Magnesium, Calcium, & Vitamin D supplements with no results. My coworker gave me food Diatomaceous Earth to try which has stopped all the digestive issues I was having. I am very interested in trying the CBD oil since it has worked so well for you. Thanks again!

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