Rev is Off The Rails | SowingandReaping | Shanny Loves to Play Camera | 3/24/23

Foeks, Welcome back. Tonight, I see Rev went live, we can check that out. Also, @sowingandreaping made a video reacting to …


  1. She hasn't had a job over a month ever!! Youtube isn't a job for scammy nobody is paying to see them jokers!!! Keef is just weed dust, fyi!!! She isn't cleaning anything remember the condo!! The video out there shows how she chased him once she learned he got that Inheritance!! She was stalking him online , she had people get ahold of him because she NEEDED him!! Clearly she wanted those kids for the foodstamps!! Not that she feed anybody but herself!! Pathetic!!! She won't work , she's trying to get disability, which she can't without the work history to back it up!!! Hello Gman,she is his first and only sex he has very had! That's your answer!!! If she doesn't want people to call the cops on her. She needs to quit airing dirty laundry for money!! Which isn't working out because she should be in jail with the key thrown away!! And that's no joke!!

  2. You encourage people to donate to these evil people, that's why they keep BEGGING daily. People are disgusted, tired, sick of them not getting a job, you should be encouraging them not to give them money,This is gross.

  3. DRAVEN, I missed the whole detox, wet brain, taking advantage car in this train wreck; maybe one day you can do a compilation for the ones who didn't see it.

  4. Replay crew!
    I had to unsub and than resub because for some reason I didn’t get my notification.
    My heart goes out to Lisa. I know that she was sincere in her efforts to try to help those slugs. I was raised Catholic and I have a very hard time not giving when I see someone in need. It may not be monetary but I try. The fact that she gave them a decent amount of $$(not to mention helping them look for work and sending them edibles) but it’s never enough. I would love to hear you interview Lisa. You have the empathy and compassion to do her well.
    I knew the uncle want d them out at the end of this month! I could pick up on their desperation a couple weeks ago. If Rev has any pride or sense left he’d kick Shanny to the curb. I know he still has his unclaimed funds left. Hopefully the uncle has control of that money and isn’t giving it to Jason until he leaves her. It’s definitely enough for him to s cure housing but he’d never be able to get housing in his name. Now every rental is owned by a giant conglomerate and you have to have proof of income AND ur rent can’t exceed 1/3 of ur monthly income. Things are about to get very real for them and I’m here for all of it!????

  5. I've had a thought about Rev kicking that kid. Is he so under Shanny's thumb that he beat the kid for her validation? If Shanny was angry at the kid, and Rev reflexively acted.

  6. Yeah! She is a shark on what , and how to play people. They are wanted for some new sick shameless movie or show.. but more very bad Sid and Nancy or War of the Roses " movie/s. But a fairly gruesome thriller type of the days of the internet ..
    Who knows. It would expose the depravity of so many. ????????

  7. Damn it, so sorry for missing the live Draven. Am watching on replay…xoxo Sadly, Rev is talking out of his ass. There is no evidence against Trump, yet he wants to pretend he knows the facts. This dude is a fool from the word go. lol

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