Regenerating Hemp & Timelapse Grow Tutorial

A complete breakdown of how to regenerate a medicinal CBD rich hemp plant as well as a time lapse video and step by step …


  1. Where did you get that green? Funny I look at my plants and there is no green that close to the bottom. only branches (Are those clones?). But then again I see that this is not clones. Wow how did you do that? And you say you left about 20% of the plant, that is a double WOW. I even left about 60% of plant and still did not come out right. You mention to leave buds because they grow out branches? My did not but only browned up. I did leave buds which must have been a bad mistake because that made the plant turn brown. I had to cut way high about 3 feet to leave any green left. Plus the buds that were still on the plant (after cutting) helped to turn the plant(s) brown and died. Also my plants were very dry even with high humidity (70%), that is the ones that did not die.

  2. Ya know, when you said you we’re gonna wash it I thought you were crazy and gonna lose everything…..but after your explanation I thought, well if rain doesn’t really wash it off why would this. Then I felt dumb lol

    Great content by the way!

  3. I found it odd that you didn't trim them before washing. Found it helped a lot not having as much to wash, as well as it cleaning off the trimming stuck to the buds. I learned the washing from your channel but never noticed it done before trimming.

  4. Interesting you say that it had an increased yield than the first grow. I was told to expect significantly reduced yields. Will be finding out for myself in 2-3 months. By the way, what strain is this?

  5. That's right folks he said MIRACLE GROW! I've been using for years to grow healthy potent tasty plants. Just a another great way to grow DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE ???????? IT ????????

  6. That's crazy bro. This video needs to be shared more. I've listened to multiple growers say that washing the buds will completely ruin them. Maybe the strain matters? But honestly, I think their opinions on the matter were more because they were scared to do it and therefore it must be bad. They've never tried it and didn't know how. Thanks for experimenting with different things in your content bro. I've watched probably 90% of your vids. ????????????????????????

  7. Teaspoon of neem oil and a 15 drops of dish soap to a very warm gallon of water. Spray making sure to get the underside of leaves once a week all thru veg. No bugs or mildew at all.

  8. I grow ten foot plants on Grow more 20-20-20. In thirty gallon bags. $43.00 for 25lb.s. five pound plants. Silly to spend all that money. I switch to Grow more bloom for flower. Giant plants.

  9. man, really cool video, but that yield and amount of trim looks terrible. Just planting another seed and doing LST or HST would yield as much if not way more in the same time, You just dont have the same genetics. And if the buds look leafey and different compared to the original phenotype whats the point of all this really?

  10. You shouldn't put your pots directly on the brick like that that's probably why you had issues with your other plants is your root Zone wasn't strong enough for all the heat you are getting coming off that brick these routes were probably so massive that they were able to take the stress from the extra heat from the brick I would recommend putting blocks underneath to try to lift them off the brick

  11. lol don't wash your weed dude.. wanna bet under a microscope you still got nasty shit you be smoking just throw it away and counter bugs better is my suggestion

  12. I started growing weed on my first indoor and i found that there's not really good information, found a lot of contradictions, even more in spanish which is my native language.
    I have to thank you cause your videos solved nearly all of my questions, so i only had to grow my weed and learn from them instead of being searching a lot about some symptom my weed shows. So thanks, observation is very important and your timelapses helps a lot.

  13. Another really great video. I love the timelapses. The full discussion of your experiment. The high quality visuals and audio. Not to mention how well you speak about the subject. So many cannabis youtubers just yammer on and on without actually talking about the topic of the video. They just improvise some BS. No preparation at all, and it really shows. Your work on the other hand is exemplary and the production quality is top notch.;l

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