Recreational Cannabis in Missouri Raises Questions of Equity

The legalization of medical marijuana in Missouri has resulted in $30 million in sales in June of 2022 alone. As an upcoming …


  1. I worked at Illicit gardens and you would not believe how many buds were moldy in the cure tubes, and they would just still sell the cannabis that was touching the moldy bud….. quality wasn’t there.

  2. Marijuana is very harmful to public health, no less so than alcohol or cigarettes. I know from personal experience that children who smoke pot do worse in life by a variety of measures: education, family and intimacy, career advancement and choice, crime victim. What I hear on this piece is the same combination of victim equity dogma that degrades society when used in other contexts. Then, of course, there is the black market and it’s impact on illegal completion, health, crime, etc….

  3. I'm a Caucasian male and I did two years in prison for weed. I just don't understand why people make it seem like only people of color deal with this when that's not true I was incarcerated with people of every race for marijuana and we were thrown in there with f**** armed robbers murderers etc so if you wouldn't built like that you had to get with the program or you might not make it out

  4. How can they say its a race thing its not if your African American or hispanic it weather or not you have the financial backing and a somewhat clean record the people who issue the licenses dont even know weather your african American,hispanic or Caucasian it all comes down to financial stability i mean if you had a program to issue licenses would you issue one to someone who has no evidence of finances or to someone who had the financial stabilization to back the cost of what your trying to license not for nothing but i would go for the guy who has the funds then waste licenses to individual who had no financial stability period same with a house loan from a bank if you dont have the credit then im 100% sure they wont sell you the home unless you have an outrageous apr

  5. Facts how would a person feels when you smoke a marijuana  or do cannabis can a any age guy still can smack a females face like the females to do a has a guy face ? Good question maybe should be happening this way you know who going to be end up in the hospital frist you think its rigjt for a person way to say it ? Then why you said its ok for a person to smoke week ? Well got a real answer for that since your life cant be replaced ! It not a trick qeustion .

  6. Worked for them in 2021 here in KC. 18 flower rooms and 63 lights per room 1500 watts per light and still can’t grow!! Illicit is a joke! They don’t care about the product going out just the $$$$

  7. with the collapse of the rec market in Colorado , I think the USA needs to have a serious rethink on WTF they are doing , the Licensing, allowing big corporations to run chains of dispos is bullsh+t & is only lining pockets of legal criminals now . Im In Europe & glad its still illegal if whats happening in the USA has anything to go by .

  8. Hey brother I am thinking about moving to a recreationally legal state and get into the marijuana industry! How do you think I should go about it? Thanks bud

  9. The criminal system is racist but it is also corrupt. Learn how much the judges, prosecutors, sheriffs, wardens, & for profit prisons make. No one should be able to buy a stock that makes money off people being incarcerated. Insane!!!

  10. Him describing going off to prison and his brothers cry, broke me down! Still wiping the tears…. I'm sorry you went through that sir. You seem like a great man. I hope you make them pay with all your success.

  11. The cannabis industry in Missouri is pathetic.

    I used to work with that guy at ILLICIT gardens, They are drug addicts not just with cannabis but harder drugs. I got to see deep into the operation and let me tell you the frosty crystally nugs we used to see years and years ago those are molded ruined and rotted and they don't ever get to go to the store shelf because they don't do trim or cure properly at all they need to be reported their testing is not up to par they're lying about test results we need to get feds in there.!!!

  12. To everyone asking. I think the Motto goes,if it don't make dollars it don't make sense..greed is the real evil!????smoke weed everyday ????..on a totally different side note,wtf goin on with dudes mustache?not being rude ,I genuinely want to know!

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