1. All extra virgin olive oil has this "special" molecule. In fact, from my research, NIH says you can just eat olives. The recommended daily amount is 5mg. It does seem to have great health benefits. So just cooking with olive oil will work great.

  2. I missed the part where yall said her name was Mary, and I thought y'all were using it the way me and my friends do. I for a minute thought yall were just feeling catty and was here for it XD

  3. I googled the company from Germany and their products seem to be on sale at most places.
    they also have a 'hand hygiene spray' aka hand sanitiser that doesn't meet the legal requirements to call it that.

  4. Water is the universal solvent in cosmetics. If a hyaluronic acid product does not have water in it the ''HA' will pull water out of your skin instead of the environment. Also all the health claims in this live mades me dizzy. If her skin was feelling DRY even after using a product with water in it then that product didn't have enough oil content and moisturizing agents in it !! basic skin knowledge. If you feel like your face is DRY you need moisture ,fs it is peeling you need WATER! you generally need a basic quantity of both in different concentrations depending on your skin type. I am not a scientist , just an esthetician who also follows a nice youtuber called Cassandra on YouTube. The industry is so perverted in some ways but the basics don't lie ! what does olive oil and peppermint with almond oil and other crap can really do for you wich is so magical ? one lady says that ningnsha is magical, another says that a strip is magical for her , then this lady drinks olive, almond and peppermint oil sold in a bottle and says that they solve all her problems. At this rate we are gonna have an MLM who says that they have a product with h2o that is so magical that it cures cancer ! At this point everything I already eat everyday contains some of their magical ingredients that they have in their products. I sould also be problems free then !

    So dumb !

  5. I’m very very anti MLM and have been watching you both for months, but it was really weird to hear you make fun of “what you eat/consume shows on the outside” or something along those lines. That’s true and I don’t see how anyone can debate it? Put good in, get good out. If you’re constantly eating bad, you’ll 50000% see and feel it in so many ways.

  6. The olive tree people is infuriating for me personally as a Levantine Arab, olive oil has always been used by our elders in everything and we used to be ridiculed for it but now that white women who understand NOTHING about its uses nor benefits are selling it it’s a vibe for suburban moms

  7. I have a daughter who has epilepsy, so I am very familiar with this journey! Medication has helped her tremendously (6 years seizure free), so I hope you find answers! Sending my love!

  8. At 40min – ma'am, you weather is not bipolar, it is just 'changeable'. As a Brit where we talk a lot about the weather and can have sun, rain, snow and wind in the same day, we have lots of ways to discuss it without ever needing to resort to misusing a medical term like bipolar.

  9. Waterless, what? I recall in high school when I learnt that you can have a dry liquid – that was a brain declutch moment, before liquid = wet = water content. But wet and dry based on the prescense of water only, whereas can be a liquid and yet without water. But can you be waterless and have the Latin term aqueous in the ingredients? Err nope. Aqueous means 'in water'. So salt water = brine =aqueous sodium chloride.

  10. I can't recall but was it on Erin's video on the couple where they stressed it was the olive juice, not the oil, so assuming that means the water soluble aspects after the oil extracted. So not the same as buying olive oil online….? But if that is the case then what is with the waterless claims?

  11. I literally got 6 liters (202 oz) of olive oil from Costco for $31.49 before tax. I'm going to chugg it and I'll indestructible, according to her.

  12. I don't understand those Olive Tree products. At first I thought that it was about oleuropein but that's usually significantly lower in oil than the rest of the plant, both because of the amount in the fruit and the way olive oil is produced. Usually oleuropein is in leaf extract supplements. So are they selling the supplement or olive oil that's not made the regular way (thus saving some of the oleuropein usually lost in the processing)? If the latter, why take shots, why not cook with it? If they are so against water, why do they sell the less concentrated option (oil vs. extract)? I have so many questions.

  13. JJ I understand having stress related seizures. Both my 20 yo son and myself suffer from pseudo seizures and are brought on by anxiety and stress. I’m 54 and they started about 5 years ago. My son’s started the day after his 18th birthday. Since they have no known reason for happening there isn’t much that can be done for them. The best suggestion I have for you is if you start feeling stressed or anxious try to take yourself out of the situation as that can help it from happening again or possibly keep it from being too bad.

  14. So what Mary Scott is saying is that the product wasn't selling just sitting on shelves, so they had to change to a MLM to get people (cough, distributors) to buy the product.

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