1. Ruto do you really employ police, Army etc, to fight and silence your own people as if they are terrosts? Why are they killed by delinquents in Samburu, who have no training in war. ruto you are the one responsible of this chaos because you stole the election and you have no love and concern of the mwananchi; as long as you exercise your power stealing all the resources of the country. You have to pay back one day.

  2. The arrogance with which the KKA government has been displaying in their leadership is what must stop, acknowledge that they won the elections by a very very tiny margin if they won at all that is, and respect the opposition leaders as well. To demonstrate their arrogance, they appointed 50 CASs at the expense of the tax payer when Kenyans are struggling to put food on the table. Is that how a responsible government is run? They must lead with humility and with respect to all Kenyans. The IEBC selection panel is a very simple matter to resolve- just allow all the stakeholders to participate in their selection. These are very simple matters to deal with if the government cares to listen.

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