Pride Mural DEFACED, Mural SLAMMED For Targeting CHILDREN With Creepy Teddy Bear On Fat Gay Man

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  1. People misconstrued what "LOVE" means. "LOVE" is not about Relationships or Sex.
    People are LYING to people because the word "LOVE" is written in the Bible. They are using that truth of LOVE to deceive people to make them believe it was something "GOOD", and people buy into that lie, because who doesn't want LOVE.

    LOVE means "look after" OR "tend to" in the bible.

    Like the saying… "LOVE(look after/tend to) the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ and, ‘Love(look after/tend to) your neighbor as yourself.’”

    It is not about… "Have a Relationship with your God or your neighbor." who in an idiotic world would translate it as that? only predator do.

    That is a WRONG interpretation of LOVE.

    OK? get this right people. God will have you all murdered because of your ignorance.

  2. absolutely demonic, this is literally the result of the inch we gave them when we allowed them to have equal rights under the law, they took it to child rape, well done, the christians were right

  3. Thats why everybody with a working brain knows about all of these "activists". They're blatant liars and they don't have a conscience or any idea as to what morals and ethics are.
    Walking around wearing just a top and no bottoms while carrying a 4ft. dildo named "Vader's Fist" has literally NOTHING to do with being "LGBTQ+"……nothing.
    This is all just degenerates getting off on lying to your face and then having their actions do the complete opposite. That's it. This is also why nobody gives the slightest of shits about "rights" for people that they already have.
    If you wanna bang kids, move to Thailand.

  4. As a gay man I fail to understand "gay pride ". Pride in the dictionary says it means to be happy about accomplishing something. What have I accomplished? I didn't choose to be gay it's like it was dumped on me for whatever reason and to me that's not an accomplishment so why would I celebrate this? I have accepted being gay as I have no other choice. I don't announce it or push it onto others because it makes no sense to do so. I keep my gay self to myself because in the end it's no one's business but my own. If you want to ask me about it that's fine I will answer all your questions honestly. Please let me be gay but don't force me to march in a parade and carry a flag. Just leave me the f*ck alone please.

  5. That is a mural defacing I can applaud. Any parent letting their kid participate is setting their kids up for mental health issues later, especially if it works on their kids the way they want it to!

  6. Lmao that's a pride mural? Well if that's what represents your group then yes their is a problem with it. I'm 100% positive gay and lesbian do not think this is what should be representing them. I'm positive gay and lesbian individuals would hate an ad/mural like this.

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