Phosphatidylserine and CBD: Anxiety Protocol

Dave Lee shares his experience with phosphatidylserine and CBD in the treatment of anxiety. He discusses the benefits, dosage …


  1. Cannabis with high amounts of THC caused me to get generalized anxiety disorder. Hemp flower with high amounts of CBD basically cured it.

  2. nice video ! I've had several anxiety episodes during first 6 months; felt like road rage. Ive gotten by that thru mental discipline and more self-awareness
    About Phosphatidylserine; Google Phosphatidylserine vs phosphatidylcholine
    The body converts PC to PS; PS is utilized for the process of programmed cell death.
    Supplementing with just PS could be bad because it doesnt have all of its usual components to get PS generation and usage in check.
    We may end up driving cell death too hard.
    So I would take phosphatidylcholine instead. This will provide PS in a balanced way. PS will be created by the PC we give it.

    "However, it might be possible that supplemental PS without its related phospholipid friends could accumulate too much of a good thing.
    Scientists have questioned whether taking PS as an isolated supplement is worth the possibility of encouraging cell death after
    levels of PS have exceeded physiological need [11, 12, 13]."

    references 11-13 are pubmed articles
    number 16529932, 11193037, and 18061557

  3. There are people, places and things that give energy and full fill you and people, places and things that drain you, This video provides good tools to use, You can have two people and one person perception will be different than the other either positive or negative, if you can strengthen your brain chemistry you will be able to handle the crazy world in a much positive way using supplements or even a uplifting experience without taking anything you can change your brain chemistry. We are living in a time where we can use tools to really be unstoppable. Very good video.

  4. Very informative. I have found high dose theanine to be very effective. Recommended dose is 200 mgs but that does nothing for me. No problem going up to 600 mgs and more.

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