Our first CBD review?! CBD Gelato by DozeCBD

What’s good people were coming to you today with something new, our first CBD review! The lovely people at Doze CBD were …


  1. i tried some of there cbd Gelato and Lemon Sorbet, and the smell and taste was amazing, I smoked normal bud with thc for a year almost everyday until it started to make me paranoid and anxious which was the opposite effect i was looking for. The cbd bud is actually good it gives you a body stone kinda and slows down anxiety. Definetly a shout for people that need some quick relief.

  2. watched the full video. You have good points on who would smoke CBD and who it’s targeted at. Before this i would just think who would want to buy and smoke CBD.

  3. Bro just so you know, if you say your mum had a fall on boxing Day, especially including the injuries, fed can use that info to find out your details. I doubt too many women between that age range would have fell on boxing Day and had those same injuries, from there it's only really a matter of time

    I'm assuming the bally is for a reason

  4. Today is my first time I got to try bud from another country living in Australia, im glad it came from UK you guys have some of the best thc buds on the planet!! So smelly and very strong!

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  7. Graded green is a good uk company,they have really good cbd moonrocks,great body relaxant,for arthritis,the higher the cbd % the better,you can smoke,and still go to work

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