Operation Manje Namhlanje | Cleaning up the Johannesburg CBD

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department says it’s unable to man every intersection where traffic lights fail following power cuts.


  1. eNCA has permanently withdrawn to speak and cover any EFF related event since 2019 Elective Conference and the EFF has since welcomed that move by the eNCA hence you see the EFF councilor refusing to speak to the eNCA. This eTV must not come here and try to act smart; you know very well your relationship with the EFF since you walked out on them. So do not try to confuse people by playing victim cards as if you don't know that you are an official opposition to the EFF.

  2. The EFF stole Nhlanhla Lux's ideas, they were against this when Lux was doing it now they are doing this operation like it's their own idea. The EFF their boy Malema will never get votes from South Africans they will only get them from their foreign brothers with fake documents

  3. If the EFF is run this country people will start to experience what I've always say about the EFFs dictatorship
    Malema is Hitler

  4. Why this ENCA journalist l is Bullying and Desturbing The Minister While he's on the Street not in the office sitting and doing nothing like previous ministers ?

  5. All I can say "thugs will be always thugs" these are people who are quick at pointing finger yet they're failing to answer questions when the ball is in their court.

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