New York, New Jersey take steps forward with recreational marijuana sales

Recreational marijuana sales in New Jersey will begin April 21, and New York is taking another step forward on the road to selling …


  1. Trying to understand the lefts worldview here. So when they have the majority on a ballot measure they ignore federal law and it’s all about states rights but when they’re in the minority like gay marriage in California for example they no longer care for the will of the people voting in that state they demand federal action to crush that opposition. Do I have that right? Sounds like a our way or the highway approach to governing.

  2. New York as always, a corrupt dungheap of a state which takes years to legalize marijuana and on a limited basis but can quickly take the rights of residents away at a moments notice

  3. I commend the cities and States for Legalizing marijuana. As a successful black woman, I used alcohol as an outlet. I now replaced alcohol completely with marijuana. What a tremendously Positive change in myself overal????????????????????????????????????????

  4. I will NOT support this. So many people, myself included, have had their lives ruined by being criminalized for possession and/or distribution. Until they give those negatively effected priority for licensing (FREE OF CHARGE) & startup funding (NOT LOANS) to open their own stores, i wont be spending a penny in these places. Its just not right that folks like myself had to sit in jail & suffer, among other things, while these folks get rich off of this.

  5. They had better increase staff at their emergency rooms. Just check out what happened in Chicago after Illinois legalized weed. The emergency rooms were flooded with people who had severe psychosis. Good job New Jersey and New York idiots !

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