New Dre Mccray, Bringing V home and back pain.

New Dre Mccray video. Bringing von home and back pain Fair Use Section 107 of the Copyright Act provides the statutory …


  1. You take no responsibility for what you did to von you took his dignity his pride his money his soul and he took the only way out to get away from you ???? may that beautiful soul find his peace you will get your karma when you meet your maker

  2. Put your kids in school, take some motrin, eat regular healthy foods,and get on a normal sleep schedule like the rest of us SINGLE MOMS. Send your kids to grandma and grandpa if they cant be out of your sight for 15 seconds. And get off the effing stairs, acting all dramatic u effing weird a$$ B

  3. For someone who only uses holistic medicine…she sure does talk alot about taking other meds…muscle relaxers are far from holistic. She can't be in that much pain if she is moving and laying all over the stairs. Which is weird af.

  4. Another hospitals BS again, hey?!????? Always the hospital or another person's fault! I don't think I've ever heard her own her own shit?! I could "Never" share with the world about menstrual cycle! NO CLASS!
    ALL CBD, has to be at least a 1×1 ratio. I thought she researched her products?!?!

  5. Not Dr. Dre in pain. I thought she was pain free. But those herbs and K she promotes. I thought she has no inflammation in her body? BS! Probably going through withdrawals. Can someone please tell me, why is her Daughter ALWAYS cooking ????? When do they get homeschooled? Girls are always doing house work and Razza is always knitting. Not fair to the kids!!! #Justice4Von

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