MY EXPERIENCE WITH CBD | Benefits, How I Use It & More

CBD is becoming more and more popular in its role in supporting inflammation, mood disorders, sleep, and other conditions and …


  1. i like this video.
    i am from toronto i have fibromyalgia with painful symptoms the doctors didn’t care about my condition i just want to know if cbd can help with fibromyalgia symptoms and ibs ??
    i don’t know what to do ????????????????

  2. Good testimony. I tried it after I watched this video. It worked well for me.!!! Now, I am back to give this video a big thumbed up! . Thanks!

  3. I used to smoke weed too and it definitely helped me with my bowel issues but being a Christian, I don’t want to get high anymore. CBD seems to work the same for me too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great video… your tattoos are AWESOME, and don't mind them about the piercing! You know what works for you AND you're gorgeous, I love you ????????

  5. CBD is legal in the US, I use it for my lower back pain, undiagnosed arthritis. I have been using JustCBD Vape Juice, you can vape it but the label says you can also put a couple drops under your tongue. I have found that it is very effective when used as drops under your tongue. It is economically priced and when used as drops, can be done whenever you need a few drops. This is not an ad for JustCBD, just saying my experience.

  6. while I respect the fact that you seem to be living a healthy life – foods/gut cleansing etc…and even the CBD. Why the heck would you want to melt your brain and harm your lungs smoking pot???

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