Minnesota begins selling medical marijuana flower I KMSP FOX 9

On Monday people were among the first patients in Minnesota to legally buy flower cannabis. Subscribe to FOX 9 Minneapolis-St.


  1. Still buying from the shady guy on the corner where I don’t know what I’m getting or where it’s coming from. Might as well just drive to Illinois to get “legal” weed

  2. Fuck them they sold me some garbage ass fucking weed im going back for my money the blue kush is not good at all they shouldn't be dealing if they suck at it and let the street dealer do it

  3. Minnesota is ridiculous with their cannabis laws. This is a step in the right direction though. I remember trying to explain Minnesota medical to people a couple years ago and just getting looks of disbelief. Yeah, no flower, just thc pills and oils that are non strain specific. Paying fees for the card and option to buy these over priced less than products. Almost nobody renews and it’s basically a joke.

  4. Until I can grow a plant wherever I want there's no sense in talking about flower that insurance companies won't help pay the bill why call it dedicated weed if u pay full price call it weed

  5. I'm from California and I'm a stage 4 cancer survivor. I use weed to help with my nerves, but when I'm in Minneapolis, I can't. I'm here for work, but I wouldn't come for pleasure! I'm also a conservative!

  6. Corona virus was sent as a punishment on you all for not repenting for your previous crimes, for forcing the corrupt medical marijuana card system on me, for trying to kill me in prison over cannabis and also stealing my businesses ya losers. Now you all have to deal with war and what is coming is even worse ahead for you all.

  7. So she had jars with eighths in them, how much was each eighth she bought. I'm in extreme pain and got my card in Minnesota seven years ago. An eighth last 3 days tops. Can't find prices yet to see if I should bother paying to get a new card.

  8. Until your state ends recreational prohibition and opens enough licenses for a free and fair market, your prices will be outrageous. Since legalization in Michigan, the black and grey markets and the licensed market have been on a race to the bottom and the public has won with ounces as low as $100/oz for un-remediated flower.

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