1. Just remembered while rewatching, Robin telling them to bring snacks and picnic sacks to the mat making day, wasn't it said in the "leaked" list of items taken by police from the Wells property something about a picnic bag ????

  2. @ELP❤️)Exactly???? Exactly.???????????? ???????????????????????????? Excellent live ELP I really enjoyed It was Excellent to listen to you explained it all perfectly and showing us all I really appreciated everything you showed it was Suberp. thankyou❤️ sorri I was not talking much in the live i was getting ready for my . appointment I really enjoyed watching and listening to it. I really appreciated everything you showed and I really like how you explained all the information all in detail was suberb thank you ELP❤️I hope everything went well for you today and it was orite don't worry everything gonna be OK.❤️???? Fkg Destroy the fkg lot of them fkg MONSTER'S. take the fkg lot all down ???? thank you very much ELP keep up the amazing hard work godbless you you have my full love and support always ????????❤️????????⚖️ what youbsaid in the beginning you took the words right out of my mouth . fkg Spot on ????❤️????????????❤️

  3. Oh, and Adventures Without Purpose are another bunch cashing in. They pretend to be doing good work by finding the dead bodies of people who have gone missing through the sacrifices – like Kieli Rodni. They fish around in the water, pretending to not know what has happened, then recover remains of the poor people. They raise a ton of cash from charity donations and are hailed as heroes ????

  4. The way that little girl seemed to look at Robin as well as soon as she got up. It looked like she was glaring at her for letting him get near her to take the picture.

  5. ON replay.Anyone else notice what CM doing with his hands.We all know CM is involved.Someone in chat mentioned a utuber ex police who I think mt be okay.
    Coldcasenomore.Im away to q him on nxt live he has
    Delphi had 88s all over it as well and was a full moon valentines day found.
    No way was those 2 girls day b4 where they were found.
    Lawson is connected to Delphi.

  6. ELP, watch out also for that Amber Alert BS. Possibility that the parents and family of little Amber who went missing were similar to Summer Wells cult case. Even more depressingly, the whole Amber Alert scenario was actually set up by pea doughs to send out a warning when one of the cult related children goes missing to let the group know.
    Honestly, when you think it couldn’t get any more scummier, they pull an even lower stunt.

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