Marijuana Mania Episode 6 – Humboldt & Mendocino Appellation Program

Follow Berner as he returns with his self produced series Marijuana Mania, this time exploring the Humboldt & Mendocino …


  1. How are they able to grow outdoors without getting seeds? Isn't that why people do indoor? I thought they had to use like a containment screen/sheet thing.

    Every plant I've seen no matter how isolated always seems to get pollinated somehow… Can't imagine how it doesn't happen here with all the weed around and high wind

  2. Beautiful Bro. I agree.We have Dr.Greenthumb up in there.That is Awsome and amazing.
    Me and my Daughter live in Germany. I'm an Olschool Grower from Texas , and we plan on Investing on the West Coast…Hopefully get a Chance to Hook with a couple of Nice People like you guys.
    I'm going up in the Mountains and See if I can find them:-)

  3. Its all about the work that Original Growers and a million mutha fuggas who got bustd tryen ta do it created genetics that now business men grab up and take credit for. It's the growers who bred the best and created the "family" herbs that you now say is so "fire" Sun grown is the fire. Always. Namaste bitches.

  4. Send me with your Gmail I'm in aus I buy some your seeds for sure. No what's app shit. Send Gmail and bank to pay you I would like $200 aus of your black kush. Thankyoi

  5. Why its parts oh herbal Plz dont join Stupid Goverment they not take im the one I miss to take that its great flow must better that ciggeratte of buwis Its ilegal now fight Robin padilla for that healer seeds,roots,stem,leaves Take safe that thank you for too see that i wanna to join grow up but its,so miles travels I think a lot too in coutry For seed starting very thankfull for sharing ????????????

  6. u want to go to a historic farm get yourself to the becca valley speak to people b respectful and u might b lucky enough to see farms that r hundrefs of years old and also they produce there own solid

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