Marijuana: All Facts And Numbers

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  1. I have a profound personal interest in this topic as substance abuse haunted my family. 1. Almost everything, opium to Facebook can be addictive, usually at a rate of about 10 percent of consumers. 2. Everything has a downside, peanut butter can render you sterile, you just can't eat enough to cause that effect. 3. It is all in the brain. There is a drug for Parkinson's that has turned people into gambling addicts almost overnight. Knowing all this it is time to compare the risks and benefits across the many addictive substances. The war on drugs is a nightmare, corrupting entire nations down to small town police forces. Huge costs in enforcement and imprisonment are added to a huge social cost. I don't fool myself cannabis is harmless but the toll of alcohol and tobacco, both legal drugs, is mind bending. Lastly, the human drive to alter states of consciousness is ancient. We need to end the moralistic hysteria and make rational decisions.

  2. Thank you Doktor for the lecture, balanced as usual and pleasantly seasoned with humor. My main concern, as a road user that doesn't like the idea of people killed by DUI drivers, regards the tests. For as much I know there is not yet a reliable quick test to check if you are under THC or not. Such test can be made just on blood (hospital) while the hair analisis hair can only say if you have been a TCH user in the lats 30 days. So, this is one more reason why I wouldn't legalize the use of marijuana as long as quick tests are made available.

  3. No People EVER voted to ban any natural plant life. Prohibition is an unnatural act of tyranny. It's banned because People like it enough to consume in spite and scoff, and be legally tyrannized, taxed, fined, incarcerated, recorded, and discriminated. Prohibition is one of many strategies to profit from what People like in more ways than they know.

  4. Thank you for a fascinating and even-handed treatment of another complex subject.
    It should NOT surprise me yet it still does that you repeatedly and clearly state "WE do NOT know!" when the evidence says precisely not much. It really is refreshing. 🙂
    As for the part about you cracking too many dad jokes….. PLEASE DO NOT EVER CHANGE!

  5. hold on now……..i grow my own weed…….and I can tell you that every smoker I know……cannot smoke it every day for more than two weeks…… actually get sick of it and need a tolerance break……..people who are so called "addicted to it ' are people who are out of control in all aspects of their lives. Every serious older recreational smoker will tell you they control it not it controls them.

  6. Im a weed smoker and love your vids……Id pay to watch you and all the other famous physicists getting stoned and high together lol Id pay for that!

  7. One of my main reasons for wanting it decriminalized is that whatever its effects, it's simply not worth people – especially young men – getting arrested for it and ending up with a criminal record that could easily effect the rest of their life, and it's also not worth incarcerating anyone because that can really mess up your life.

  8. Sabine you should have said ……consumables can lead to overdose……overdoseage not death………nobody has ever died from taking too much weed!

  9. Some people like how good smoking marijuana is They have an appetite for other things that can make them fly higher. That appetite turns into an undeniable drive to keep flying high. At the same time they are not able to work. They just want to go on vacation all the time. Hence they commit crimes to pay for their habit. I knew a woman that even when she was taking methadone ( a drug designed to kill the craving for other drugs) she had to get high somehow. She lost her husband, her child and all her friends. She also had lost some of her teeth because she could not pay her drug dealer. So opening the door to marijuana use can lead to using other overpowering drugs. It can wreck your life.
    A healthy alternative is the practice of Qi-Gong. By applying pressure and rubbing and exercising you can sleep much better, you will be healthier and happier. It is like acupuncture but no needles focusing on pressure points to stimulate good energy flow throughout your body. I love it. Doing Qi-Gong makes me feel very good – I do not need any drugs.

  10. The most critical argument for legalization is that it being illegal is worse for society. Illegal cannabis means more people harassed, targeted and jailed by police , especially Black people, which is far worse both for their health and for the society overall than their doing pot legally.

  11. London sells it to the rest of the UK online. You deposit the money into a account and by 3 pm the following day you get it in the post hand deliverd royal mail track and sign. They get it from the usa in 1tonne bags. And 100 tones a day… Even the police the council the judges solicitors hospital staff its every where they can sell it but no one else can.. The UK is a tyrent state.. More like the usa everyday…

  12. Pain in your body is good your diet. The fda usa allow weed has it makes you eat more unhealthy snacks munchies and you end up ill so you take pills. More weed more snacks more pills. Instead of the forced food they make you buy the forced illnesses at least they can be put of thier heads or mellowed to a zombie state.. So the usa its all about profit over life's. That's why they are all fat overweight only dome are healthy 80 % are unhealthy.. All profit for the few. Your a cash pig cash cow in the usa.. Inkesx you grow your own food away from jealous people who will spike your land then your a cash cow the the fda.. Its all profit and when your gone another 1 will replace you…. Its all about diet. A healthy diet and. Healthy environment…. Weed just numbs the usa UK all over the abuse yiys suffer at the hands of govermrnt…

  13. Canadians purchased $4 billion in cannabis products in 2022 with the Yukon the #highest per person cannabis sales followed by Alberta. Highest numbers on the prairies and east coast. That's the legal stuff Sabine

  14. As long as Alcohol is legal I think it tragic hypocrisy that marijuana isn't. If we could swap one for other we would transform society for the positive. Of all those listed risks, Alcohol has probably 10x the issues.

  15. 7:22

    ???? ???? ????

    Okay, with the amount of fun you had writing and creating this video…….. I'm going to say that maybe you had a little THC in your bloodstream when doing it. ????

    Just kidding of course!

  16. Solid or bar is 5£ a gram or 80 a onze or 300 a nine bar 9 onze. Weed Is 10 a gram 200 a onze. Or 1300 a 9 onze bag. Weed is way over priced when you can buy resin manalie soft black its 100 a onze way better a mellow powerful hit or calm. Weed screws up your brain making you get alzimers brain dessies and mental healf paronoia lesscwork activity and bad tempered if you can't get it. Weed is bad..

  17. I love the way Stats work.
    Take the adolescent #'s, now think of how the study was done, information from intake forms for hospitals, so do you think kids already being seen for probably mental issues might have anxiety as well as admitting to drug use.

    Nothing against Sabine she has to use the #'s available but it's good to remember the way these studies are done.

    Penn and Teller: Numbers don't lie, people do.

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