Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and CBD oil. Better together!

Cheri Garvin, Rph from The Compounding Center presents on the use of LDN and CBD oil. The combination provides better …


  1. Hi, I sustained a trimalleor ankle fracture 12/31/21. I've had 3 surgeries and now facing a total ankle replacement, 5/2/23. I was taking LDN 4.5mg 3 years prior to my fall. I was diagnosed with a scarring alopecia called Lichenplanopolaris, after 5-6 months it put me into complete remission. One doesn't plan on accidents, so I haven't been able to take it in this last 17 months…the autoimmune condition is back, this time affecting not only hairless but my facial skin as well.
    I am watching your webinar from 2 years ago. I MUST take opiates post surgery, but want to get back on the LDN ASAP as I'm off the pain meds. This injury comes with collateral damage, ie, other joint issues and muscle stiffness, etc. Your webinar had a lot of great educational information. My compounding Pharmacy is Located in Snohomish, Washington, but not sure it's accredited. They charge $113 for 90 day supply. I'm interested in your pharmacy, LDN 4.5mg and the CBD oil. I started to take the LDN today (2/19/23). HOW FAR IN ADVANCE OF THIS MAJOR SURGERY DO I NEED TO STOP TAKING THE LDN? I just watched a 6 month old video by a Dr. who suggests 3 weeks to one month. Also, how soon after I'm off the opiates post surgery, can I start taking LDN again. I'm aware of which supplements I need to stop and when pre-surgery. I also am on .75mg T4 and 5 mcg. T3….just FYI. Please advise and THANK YOU! ????

  2. I have RA. I have studied endlessly on how to avoid the dangerous immune suppressant drugs. I’ve found a great combo that works. I’m doing cbd & ldn which has helped significantly in combination with dr. brown’s antibiotic protocol. I am in a 90% better place than I was when I was before in pain all the time. I highly recommend getting off the hard drugs and take these very little to no side effect treatments that I’m taking ❤

  3. Great information! I love the synergistic effect of certain substances taken together. This sounds like a match made in heaven. I'm a naturopathic doctor and I specialize in pain relief. I've prescribed both of these agents separately but never together. Thank you!

  4. Doctor. Do u believe taking LDN in the morning can be less beneficial? The reason I say that is because I have always had issues to sleep due restless legs syndrome, a bit of anxiety, sleep hygiene etc. I take sertraline in the morning and i could see it working better once I started taking it in the morning. Thank you!

  5. This class is very interesting because it brings evidence of a practice that I have been performing for more than 5 years. Thanks for sharing. Eliane Nunes PhD Psychiatrist and Ppsychoanalyst, SBEC – Brazilian Society of Cannabis Sativa Studies

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