LIVE BITCOIN TA & NEWS: Biden Wants Your Crypto Gains!

Description: Welcome to our morning Live show where we check in on all the biggest and latest market updates for Bitcoin, stocks …


  1. Let's stick to the facts. The 20% capital gains tax starts at $450,000. So you would have to cash out more than that to see the raised Biden tax, and that's ony on the dollars over $450,000. I would love to face the decision of whether or not I should cash out that much and pay some extra taxes. Sounds like good problems to me!!!!

  2. Budgeting yourself is the best thing you can do but that comes with what do you want to sacrifice from your life. For me it was giving up 3 meals a day and only get one and only drink water, don't eat out and definitely don't buy anything I want unless I need it. Luckily it works for me but I don't want anything so it's slightly easier to give up all the fancy flashy things we are constantly surrounded by.

  3. So on the TVL of Cardano from what I understand they don’t count all the Ada staked from our own wallets. Just what is locked on dex and exchange. If they did count that Cardano TVL Would move WAY up.

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