Legal High from Moss better than Medical Cannabis? THC & CBD Biology, Chemistry & Synthesis

Hey guys, I’m back with another video! This time, we will cover the basics of cannabinoids. We’ll discuss the history, biochemistry, …


  1. I am doing my PhD in cannabinoid pharmacology and I had to present a review of the current and historical cannabinoid synthesis procedures and this video gave me a lot of peace of mind on how to start the review, thank you very much

  2. Is there any genetic sequencing mechanism or how does the relationship between genes work To send instructions for secondary metabolites, is there really a sequencing oooh letters that indicate to the ribosome which proteins to manufacture in order to manufacture enzymes that manufacture thc or cbd? Is there a genetic route or how is the mechanism by which some genes create the secondary metabolites and the specific vesicles of the plant?

  3. I agree…it was an informative video with a little humor included, but it sounds like he is speaking into a box with a hole cut in it. He needs a headset or a lapel mike to clear up his speech. Otherwise, interesting! Thanks

  4. Mechoulam is still alive and doing well. As I heard, any Israeli researcher working with cannabinoids should be approved by Mechoulam, otherwise, Israeli police would not allow this researcher to work with them.

  5. Amazing, there is nothing more beautiful than nature and all the living beings whether plants fungi or animals or sea or anykind! Im sad to know that i will not live long enough into the future where humans will keep discovering amazing things.. i just want to be revived one day and learn all the information that was discovered when i was gone..

    And to all future generations who will stumble upon this comment when im gone god bless your soul <3

  6. I for one loved the biochem parts. While I technically majored in medicinal chemistry most of what I've done academically since then has been on the biochemistry/molecular biology side so I'm a lot more comfy in that realm these days.

  7. This explanation is deceiving about the number of compounds that are described as CBD and THC. There are hundreds of molecules described by these abriviations. People are confused by this. If you develop a tolerance to one kind of Marijuana, you can switch to a different strain, and it will have a lower tolerance to it.

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