Krill Oil Vs Hemp Seed Oil

Stop taking the Krill Oil & Fish Oil snake oils folks …… Mother Nature has the very best source of Omega 3 growing straight out of …


  1. Just because something is red and stains the skin doesn't mean it's bad for us. You'll have to do much much better than that. Turmeric stains the skin and is excellent for us. Jamie, all due respect, you have to add some science to your theory brother.

  2. Not even close. . Father nature says there's no DHA. The brain is made of DHA.
    Hemp seed oil is good stuff though and I found that it dissolvies cannabinoids sometimes even faster than hexane. When squeezed with buds it goes in it. It's ok if you are a vegan stoner but if you have issues with a brain, depression, child,… Krill oil, beef suet and stuff like that is optimal

  3. thanks Jaime! I've heard that we don't need to take a supplement of Omega 6 because there's so much of it in other oils (like canola, etc). so I checked your video because of my concern with hemp oil having such a high Omega6 content in them. Not sure if this is true.

  4. The orange color is astaxanthin which is a natural carotenoid which has been shown to have a number of benefits. Just because it stains your skin does not mean it is toxic, what about turmeric or some berries which are also very staining. I have nothing against hemp oil as I am using it now but the omega 6 to 3 ratio is 3:1 not 2:1.

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