Kevin Samuels Gets Emotional as Caller Stigmatizes Boyfriend's CBD Use for Depression

Welcome to The Relationship Report! In this emotional episode, Kevin Samuels has a conversation with a 29-year-old caller …


  1. My brother has depression and bipolar and he just medicate but he doesn't have any coping mechanism. So he's only good if his multiple medications don't stop working. He's had emotional outbursts and blamed it on his medication. To me, he seems like a ticking time bomb because these men need more conversations instead of medication

  2. Soooo he berated a woman for breaking up with a man with a mood disorder, that’s clearly hereditary, that she was not mentally or emotionally equipped to deal with. ????????

  3. Not wanting to date someone who is mentally ill and off his meds (his real meds) is perfect reason to breakup with someone.
    CBD literally does nothing so he was not “taking care of his problem”.. she did nothing wrong.

    I wouldn’t date a psychotic or manically depressed girl so I expect the same from women

  4. When Women Drag the Answer to a Question..She's 90% about to be DisHonst/Lie..????
    She's trying to get Kevin to Assist in her untruths..???? good day Ma'am and FOH????????

  5. Not everyone is able to handle someone with mental illness. It looks like in this situation it's hereditary and when she has kids with this man they will have a 50% chance of being mentally ill.

  6. If you know that you are not equipped to support someone with complex issues IT IS PERFECTLY OK TO WALK AWAY. She should not be made to feel guilty. How does Kevin know his situation was easy? He is so judgmental and is triggered.

  7. This just proves that these types of women are not "strong" nor caring enough to listen and understand such a personal ordeal that was shared in moments of terrifying confidentiality. I understand it's a lot to deal with, however I truly believe that one's vulnerability more often can strengthen a couples bond. For "some" it becomes too much. ????

  8. I have known several people who have had problems with mental illness. Some were family members. It can be frightening, because you just don't know what to do You have to keep supporting them. Keep loving them and encourages them to get professional help and you never stop praying. I felt bad for Gladys and the brother she was dealing with. But if she sincerely apologizes, it may help them both.

  9. Kevin is wrong on this. He let his own personal situation dictate his feelings. Women listen up. If a man has mental illness in his family history. You better walk or run away. Why should anyone want to have kids when this would probably affect her future kids. This is not the politically correct thing to say. But I would give this advice to my daughter or good friend. This is why so many good women are scratching their heads when trying to raise kids the right way. The baby daddy had mental or criminal issues in their DNA. Sorry to say but it's the truth.

  10. It’s unfortunately just the way it is..????????‍♂️black men are constantly being spit upon even when you have done the right thing..

  11. Reading the comments so far, and a lot of men aren't grasping this truth: Gladys is not an outlier. Gladys represents the typical modern woman, who is only out for herself. If she can't use a man for her purposes, or if the man has any kind of problems that require sympathy or even help from her, she'll leave. The women today aren't the women of our mothers' and grandmothers' generations, who stood by their husbands through thick and thin, just as they promised in their wedding vows. Feminism has taught today's women that their lives are only for them and no one else.
    Oh, and by the way, women report that they've never been more miserable than they are right now. Women of fifty years ago were much happier with their lives. It's almost as if feminism is a big pack of lies designed to immiserate women rather than ennoble them.

  12. How weird is it that KS says that he had “panic attacks that felt like heart attacks,” and how he tragically passed of a heart attack. Very prescient if ya ask me.

  13. Hey can you do me/us and Kevin samuels a favor, please add the links to the original videos in the descriptions so we can watch the full episode

  14. I take meds for bipolar, and believe me, I’m a much better person for taking care of it and going to therapy. Any time I meet a new person I preface my story with the importance of mental health in my life, my diagnoses, and past traumas. The other options are self medication or unaliving which I attempted 4 times. It’s better I’m still here…

    For several neurodivergent individuals, it takes trying several different types or combos of meds to find something that works best for them. Over a dozen different prescriptions myself, until I found something that worked without gnarly side effects. Some people it takes decades to find a plausible solution

  15. This is why you don't cry in front of women. I'm a disabled veteran with PTSD. No woman would understand what I have dealt with nor would most actually care. Modern women are too selfish.

  16. I guess we need to educate the most educated group of black people (black women) on mental health issues. She tried to peint the poor guy as CRAZY for taking meds and as dangerous for snapping one time. ????

  17. I have watched a lot of KS but this is him at his greatest (well one of the greatest) he is a great loss to the world. R.I.P Mr Samuel's

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