Kevin Costner Leaving Yellowstone Rumor and CBD Gummies Scam Website, Explained

The four words “Kevin Costner leaving Yellowstone” were being searched for, so I decided to make a video about the subject …


  1. Big fan of Yellowstone here…yep. Read the "news" for his underdog fight against big pharma. Looked like ABC. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and just had a total knee replacement…and never tried hemp/cbd oil before. Because of his bold statement of how it had helped him and his wife get their lives back…well…I was the perfect target and thought I'd try one bottle. I was a little miffed that the discount Kevin was promising didn't show up in the link…but oh well…bought a $59.00 bottle. I passed up the bundles since I wasn't sure how they'd work with my RA meds. I just got off the phone from "Hillstone Hemp CBD Gummies" who told me the $59 was for the detox bottle that you have to take first, and the $199 charge was for the bundle. I said I will return it all for a full refund. She said we only refund $50. I said no. And repeated myself throwing in I'll have my credit card company seek full refund. She then gave me a code to write on the unopened package and promised the refund in 2-3 weeks. I wish I had seen your video first. This article appeared on the opening page of Microsoft Bing on the day I saw it last week, March 9th or 10th. Shame on the platform, too, at that point.

  2. I believe ive been scammed by Proper CDB Gummies they used the Tom Selleck Keven Costrer ect. but I can't find a number to cancel. It also renews automatically for 199.00

  3. I did see the ad and didn't believe it right away, but some people will be scammed. These scammers need to be caught and locked up!!!

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