Kenyans desert Nairobi CBD as Raila’s convoy snakes its way into Naivasha Road

Kenyans desert Nairobi CBD as Raila’s convoy snakes its way into Naivasha Road.


  1. more and more holidays to come, from next month, it will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. only two days to look for money and three to look for better future

  2. You Kenyans are joking, messing up your country in the name of cheap politics. You need a museveni to tune your heads well and teach these protestors. How do you expect a leadership to go from 0-100% in less than 1year

  3. Anyone with a real job or with some business making some coins then make them work 3days per week? apart from those millionaire politicians most of these goons are our jobless youths most of whom will not look for any hustle…

  4. It's too unfortunate…it's turning like it's moi incarnate..he said he will be rule 100 yrs .. incidentally there will be much of moi in Excll ruto rule.. his word is law..this will bring the country to tatters.. Mathematics is simple ..let's all have an -inclusive sitting… address inflation and how to tackle it.. too call your professional guys n us too get server opened end of road

  5. The Rich pple in Runda, Karen, Muthurwa,Lavington who live life as if in paradise driving flashy cars are living so courtesy of these slum dwellers who have opted to be peaceful so that the rich can enjoy their richness as they continue suffering. If Raila unleash these slum dwellers who have nothing to lose even if Kenya burns down, the likes of Gachagua will regret forever y they stole the august election

  6. We May think ITS IS Just waking Up and day in day out, but we the kenyans May be on the way to one of the worst post election Violence, raila did Not Accept the election results, and He IS the only with uhuru kenyatta can save this Nation

  7. Na thursday bado. Next week monday itabidi they import more teargas and bullets but by next month demos zikiingia 3 times a week, they will have to import police because millions are yet to come out. It is now official police are the problem in demos, they attack participants, even those going on in South Africa we don't have such backward stone-age force violating freedom to protest as enshrined in the constitution.

  8. this man baba…the only person with mandates to declare new holidays the only man who can shut down the economy when he wishes…truly a lovable figure anyway the courage you have demonstrated leading the crowd by yourself inspires revolutionaries throughout africa

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