1. About a month ago I had a bad trip and it was my first trip ever I panicked and was really scared and ever since then I've felt like I'm not in control of my self and everything is just automated almost like I'm spectating my own life.j hate it,it's still going on

  2. I have done every psychedelic in large doses. I have always had good experiences and if they were bad, they were manageable. I did 1/8th of melmac mushrooms when i wasnt in the best mind set , i was by myself, and things turned dark quick. Ive never been suicidal, but voices in my head were urging me to kill my self and it was so compelling im still not sure if i tapped into a charles manson esque MK ultra frequency that influencing my thoughts. It was the hardest thing i have ever been through, and i was physically ill from not killing myself the entire trip. my body was only giving me one option to end the pain and it was terrifying, i was cold sweating and shaking and thought i was being called to the underworld.

  3. Read "Demons and Depression, Mental Illness and Possession" for those who are struggling with the horror of a bad trip. Very therapeutic read from someone who has experienced psychedelic hell and come back from a ledge of suicide into happiness again. Amazon books I think.

  4. When your young your more retarded than anything when you smoke but when you get old thst all goes away it feels like bàsicclly nothing it's kinda hard to explain what it does

  5. After my last trip I told myself I'd never do them again. It's been 6 years but I'm kinda wondering how it'd be now. I would've rather been dead than be so fucked. I was so damn scared I didn't even want to open my eyes because how bright everything was even though it was like 11 at night and I'm wandering around. I'd walk for like 5 seconds with my eyes closed and then 5 seconds with them open. My dumbass took a insane amount though. Like 5 grams after not having done them for 10 years.

  6. I had a bad trip that made me feel like my soul was my body and I was walking around as my soul. This lasted for 3 weeks and it was horrible. I was so scared I was going to feel this way forever. I have not taken anything for 5 years

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  8. The bad trip is all in ones head….. Always remember, I took this so I could feel what's happening…. It's supposed to be this way… That line of thinking will help you keep the line✌️

  9. Anyone else see entity’s on it? I’ve seen reptilians to grey aliens, gargoyles clawing at my chest haha….. Im too scared to touch it again, last time I almost went crazy because even when I close my eyes the entity’s are still in my head clear as day, this was on lsd btw

  10. i once have a bad trip. my worst trip out of all my trips. i tripped w an ex friend, not to mention our friendship was very toxic. so her and i took 2 gels tabs each, at first it was going not too bad, then suddenly, my mom and her boyfriend had to go to an AA meeting, so my friend and I were left alone at home together. this is when stuff started to go downhill. in my head, i thought either she was going to kill me or I’d have to kill her. Neither ended up happening, thank god. I felt like I was dead and I was just stuck in a nightmare. At one point, my mom’s boyfriend came into my room to show us him suits, eventually, I got stuck in a thought loop, and the event of him showing us his suits happened TWICE. I knew i couldn’t tell him but i was just thinking that this is crazy and it’ll never end, once they left, I ended up calling the police, but the phone call was only about 4 seconds long, then my friend hung up the call. it started to die down, and i just had this sudden urge to drop that friend after my trip, and I felt really bummy and decided to get a job afterwards. Bad trip’s definitely tell you something.

  11. Only had one bad trip on shrooms and I thought everybody around me which were all my friends were trying to rob me and were talking shit behind my back. I lashed out. They laughed because they knew I was tripping and it made it worse. Walked home and didn’t speak to them til I woke up lol

  12. My bad trip ever was yesterday, I was like I am going to die I just meet my own Saul it was so scaring , moral of the story, we should try it with the right persons ,????????????????

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