'It's Not Time Yet', Reps Divided Over Bill To Legalise Cannabis

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  1. Why don't allow only Doctors have the permit
    of permission, OR, the scientists convert the extracts to drugs given to patients.
    "Obama was not pronouncing out of his
    own will" …like also his words to LGBT towards
    Africa. Fools !

  2. Those clueless political elites who sit at the comforts of their offices and cannot see beyond their noses. USA, Canada, Uruguay are making money from Cannabis but give politicians peanuts for NDLA to destroy high quality Cannabis in Nigeria that could have been sold for direct foreign exchange. Very soon Nigerians will soon wake up to hear that Nigeria has started importation of Cannabis from Western Countries while in the soil in South West Nigeria can produce the best quality of Cannabis.
    This rubber stamp set of National Assembly should stop making last minute laws or debates, just to make money from those who are lobbying against policies that will benefit the country for individuals profits.

  3. Cancer only! I can't believe how stupid this ppl are. He does not even know the population of nigerians that will benefit from cannabis. Sickle cell patients spending 21 days in hospital for a crisis that can be treated in only a week, or even have the benefit of avoiding the hospital altogether! These ppl are stupid. Speaking English and englishes that helps no one. Fucking idiots!

  4. Medical Cannabis should be legalized. More so, cannabis is useful in the manufacturing industry by making bricks with it. Nigerians don't carry out researches. Go to countries carrying out research, even check out South Africa, Ghana etc.

  5. It seems some of these legislators want to engage in the importation of cannabis. And we really have drug Lords in the house. The damage and abuse that we come from this law cannot be controlled by Nigeria. We have not regulated the use of arms, alcohol, tramadol, and other harmful elements legalised and they are talking of cannabis. Who says it cures cancer? Nawaoh?????????????

  6. Are you surprised? Your President-elect had been charged and is accused of been a DRUG BARON. Nigeria should be ready for such bills. During the campaigns, the oppositions raised this issue and it was played down. He hasn't even been sworn in and you can see the toll they are taking. Nigeria will become Mexico and Cuba. Let's be guided.

  7. They should sign it. As a Nurse, I can assure you that people that aRe seriously sick and in Severe pains, adults crying in severe, intolerable pain that no Medication can help, these Law makers should visit Hospitals with patients that aRe suffering. Medical Cannabis should pls be passed for those people. US have medical Cannabis law passed. Nigerian Law makers should pls reconsider

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