Innovations and Controversy: Updates in Geriatrics

As the “Baby Boomer” generation ages, new innovations and controversies emerge regularly: everything from the use of cannabis …


  1. This whole presentation is Elderspeak. I am a cognitively intact 70 year old. How ageist is this that the entire presentation boils down to how to treat dementia…? I was hoping for current strategies for enhancing health: physical, mental, supportive care. Shall I just say…duhhhhhhhh? I did appreciate King Pharma-spot on. Also what about the study of elderly nuns who were loaded with amyloid plaques and yet no evidence of dementia?

  2. If you have not seen agism in the RESIDENTS of 55+ communities and assisted living, you need to get out of academia/hospitals more. The visibly deteriorating residents are shunned by many of the heartier residents. Their PEERS reject them. They don't need to worry about their doctors using elder speak. They do it to each other.

  3. I call total bullshit on those with "ageist" beliefs living 7 years less than those without such beliefs. That's a bullshit ideology in front of science canned pre-arranged outcome someone wants to flout. First, correlation frequently has ZIP to do with causation. PERHAPS some people have lousy health and therefore have more "ageist" beliefs since they see in themselves, they are already in bad shape at age 35. I would bet that 100 percent of people who drink water will die, how's that for a correlation. It's a lot like how effective booster shots are per 100K, those getting boosters are atypical, obviously they behave differently. They may be more cautious, more inclined OBVUOUSLY to seek medical care, more preventative minded, and so on, maybe they tend to actually have a primary care physician, not that they can get in to see him or her. What Igenerate

    I spent the better part of 3 decades dealing with consumer behavior, they don't do what they should, some of them.

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