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  1. Remember there's possibly dogs always a x ray machine if you know how to combat both your good (a non illegal but sketchy distraction for the x ray machine can help if they should only stick to the part of the bag giving the issue
    obviously don't have your cart or tree in that pocket your wanting them to search that part and if it's right there where there hand goes your pretty much fucked
    I haven't brought weed but i did bring a cart just had it with my hygiene stuff

  2. BAS's "Craft Blend" is probably the top dry amendments available. 15 individual, high quality ingredients.
    "Mr Grow It" loves it, and thinks it's the best, which I've found is great, as well.
    All Organic, but no Bone meal, Blood meal, (from Animals brought up with Hormones, etc, but when it's waste, bone and blood, is considered Organic for agriculture), along with some other waste type products also often used. Build A Soil "Craft Blend" never uses these!
    Only Fish bone meal fished naturally, is non Veganic. An amazing, one part Grow and Bloom together. It's maybe the best, and because so, Matt forgot to mention it, I believe..?!
    BAS "Craft Blend" is also available from Amazon. I've been incredibly impressed! Enjoy this super easy to use, incredible quality product.
    No affiliation, lol. Just really impressive, healthy growth!????????

  3. Smoking some "Dubstep. A great Fem strain, on its last release now, from GPS.
    Corey Haim Stardawg cut x A-Dub. Nice, round, Corey Haim dominant, Indica reminder of the Old School Dead Tour "Kind" bud Indicas of the late 80's, early 90's!
    One I can definitely recommend for pure Dankness!

  4. I boarded a plane at pearson international [Toronto] with 21 grams of flower seperated in 5 different bags. 7 grams of hash and my digital scale and a glass pipe in my carry-on on a flight to halifax nova scotia they didn't even check my bag after it went through the x-ray machine

  5. Big pharma needs to take a page from our homie Sun Tzu "it is easy to love your friend, but sometimes the hardest lesson to learn is to love your enemy" facts

  6. NC it’s totally illegal to have any. A joint can get you locked up. You can have an unlimited number of guns, dynamite, prescription opioids, but God forbid you’ve got a joint…

  7. Where can I get that diesel dog I love that logo. Hitting the Blackberry Skittlez in the Yocan Hit. Also Moonrocks mixed in. Got plants at day 133, 10th week of flower. These ladies are drinkers so I'm going let ride for a while.

  8. ????????Mars Hydro is perfect????????
    I’ll always suggest a Ts2000 to anyone wanting to start out in a 2×2 up to a 3×3.

    In a 2×4 (up to a 3×5) space 2 linked in daisy chain is perfect. ????????

  9. Last year I I drove from Mass to FL with a couple z and I use neptune's harvest everything liquid crab and liquid seaweed their veg and bloom too MASS MADE ????????????????????????

  10. That biscuit didn't even make it too the baking oven!????????
    Unfortunately that is indentured servants employed by organized crime. Bad scene played out recently in OKLAHOMA, one of these said employees slayed 4 coworkers and fled. Eventually caught.????

  11. I just mixed up 80 liters of organic soil amended with that Giai Green all purpose. It's finished cooking, got some popped, be ready to pot up next week in 20 liter bags.

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