I WAS SCARED TO DEATH! We Need To Talk About LA Sheriff Deputy Gangs, Oklahoma, & @ZaidTabani

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  1. Police Corruption will never go away, there will always be those who are willing to cover their fellow fellow officers ass to allow their sick crimes to continue. Truly a horrible world we live in

  2. WA state promised 25 years ago that if we legalized lottery it would fund our schools, pay for repairs, books, yada yada. Maybe it did for a year or two but it has done nothing to help since. Also healthcare in WA is horrible, I don’t see money coming in from THC sales. Sorry. This is not factual IMO. Research versus passing on what they say they do.

  3. As a wise, fast talking man once said: "Research and successful drug policy show treatment to be increased, and law enforcement decreased while abolishing mandatory minimum sentencing" ( –It was SOAD, it's a song)

  4. I live and have a large extended family in Oklahoma. I know the positive reasons for legalizing, but the community has seen the promises of gambling revenue and medical marijuana go awry. The difference in income to schools? Went to administration not the students, teachers, equipment etc. And Anyone who wants medical marijuana gets it. It's not an exaggeration that in cities and towns nearly every commercial corner has 2 dispensaries. The rate of influenced driving has increased, so saying that not prosecuting smaller marijuana crimes is part of this, its scary not helpful to that community. The race factor, undoubtedly true, especially here in rural south. But the other issues weighed heavily and until addressed I really doubt the voters will change their minds. They ultimately see it as unneeded . Not saying I agree, that's just what my family and friends believe.

  5. Pretty crazy how much people didn’t know about these cop gangs. If you’re an LA native, it’s just a widely known and accepted thing. We know their tags n sets just as familiarly as we have to know street gang sets.

  6. So fun fact the Oklahoma recreational vote was supposed to be on our November elections. But our douchey governor kevin stitt(shit) moved it using tax payers money to another date because he thought the turnout would have lost him the election. When we voted for recreational marijuana it was the only thing on the ballot. Shady boots.

  7. I'm in NM and we recently legalized recreational week. All my friends love it, but my mom works in the middle school. She said they've busted like twice the usual number of kids for having or selling weed at school. A lot of the parents don't care, because they're doing it themselves at home, which is also why more kids have access to it to sell it. Some of the parents who get upset get violent with their kids for stealing their stash. I'm not saying that means we need to tear it all down and ban it all, I'm just saying, underage usage is something that no one really talks about when it comes to this debate. But it's really a problem when you have kids as young as 12 (or probably younger) doing it. Also, we're seeing a lot more fentanyl stuff going around. Again, I'm just saying that I feel like this is an overlooked part of the conversation that needs to happen.

  8. If I had a choice to live in a state that outlawed hard liquor, tobacco, and cannabis, I probably would. Is alcohol abuse as bad or worse than cannabis abuse? Yup. But that is justification for curtailing booze, not legalizing weed.

    If it is going to be legalized in a given area, I'd be interested to see how the THC levels are monitored and regulated. If the THC levels were managed to be very low "per serving" that might make things more palatable.

  9. I don't think Washingtons high tax on Cannabis should be praised for any reason. It's making it harder for the legal industry to compete and bolsters the black market.

    I'm in Canada and believe me, there IS a wrong way to legalize. Colorado does it right.

  10. America when will you wake up? 99% of my countries policeman hasn't pulled a gun on anybody in their life and crime in my country is not that high. How is this in your county still ok?

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