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  1. Take a video about this , The world is now ruled by one community of people, the world Satanic elite, you can also call them the committee to meet the Antichrist and prevent the 2nd coming of Jesus, Trump called them the deep state, at the moment it consists of about 10,000 people, the main ones there are Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Windsors, Baruchs, they, their ancestors, descendants and other people who enter there have the mark of Lucifer, which, if they bring the antichrist and do not allow the 2nd coming, they will receive eternal life after the x hour, and the rest of humanity, for all the time that they have lived, they won't get anything, so all people should know about the existence of a world government

  2. Make a base like the US pentagon, octagon with gardens between each hall way, reduces splash damage and windows with turrets over looking the gardens, walls then 1×1 three story structures with outward facing armor the rest wood, simple really, like grunt in HALO throw away bullet sponges. And repeat, ring upon ring, walls are so one demential

  3. I really like people that create a product for sale and follow through, running around as gun bunny is good but the complexity of a taxi service, hemp and tea farm is better.

  4. I dont think you should have Allianced with Jack he declined your offer and if someone declines a buisness man the buisness man destroys the one who declined by stealing the buisness he propably agreed to Alliance because he Lost something or his teamates logged of so yeah no

  5. @10:43 walking on water….probably should turn off your hacks before uploading…you literally went from walking on ice to walking at the exact same level on water….that's not shallow water….

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  7. Tesla I love your videos, this is the first video I've watched of you and I've never heard of you until now, you are now one of my favorite youtubers. And I love the end it was like a movie, at the end the main characters always win and it was so wholesome that you gave the allied team all of those rockets at the end. Keep up the great works man.

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