How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

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  1. my dog was slowing down and blinding, now he's nearly doing back flips. I Have to keep up with him now. 15yrs young, 14lb 1ml/day – 500mg

  2. Hello, I have a 21 year old Corgi Mix. He has Sun Downers so he desperately needs this to sleep. I NEED this for him to sleep as well. His anxiety and barking is literally all night long from 7pm to 5am. I bought Full Spectrum Cannabis oil 300mg. It says 1 dropper = 10mg. My dog weighs 25 lbs. Can someone please tell me how much I’m supposed to give my boy?
    Btw I think the guy at the shop gave me the wrong info. He had me fill the dropper (10mg) and give it to him. It did nothing for my boy last night. Everything I’m researching about it says it’s trial and error, but I just need a starting point. TIA

  3. My 40lb dog has extremely bad separation anxiety.I was told to try this oil but can’t seem to figure out how much to give him.Our bottle is 100mg 30 ml please help,thanks.

  4. i can't work this out, its just chinese to me so i hope someone can help just how many drops i should give, there is no measure on the dropper stick so i would need to be told how many drops. My dog is 8 and weighs about 7kg. i have 30% cbd/3000mg. how many drops would it be please? thanks

  5. Hey I have my dog on THC cbd, I gave her 1ml yesterday and she isn’t eating it really made her drowsy and she vomited. Should I give less?

  6. Has anyone used CBD oil for a dog with Adrenal Cushings? My dog is on Vetoryl which with her bloodwork they say she is on the correct dosage but it is not controlling her hunger…

  7. Just started my 50lb, 14 year old pitbull on CBD for her arthritis. We're on day 2 and I literally already see a huge difference in how she's walking. We have a step from the back door to the backyard she's been having trouble with. I just watched her walk down it with zero hesitation, as apposed to the usual couple moments of hesitation before a borderline stumble down the stair that she's been doing for a while now. She's also not tucking her tail from pain when she walks, which she's been doing for weeks. I'm excited to see how much this ends up helping her in the long run.

  8. ive been told my dog has Lymphoma cancer around his neck an back of his one back leg and he only 7 years old…he has good days and plays hard an runs like nothing is we know differant…he weighs 98lb black how much start off with an how many times a day give it to him?

  9. I have a tiny silky maybe and he is 19 years old in great Heath but has a tumor none Cancer pressing against his heart. All I need to do is shrink it, I wonder if the cbd will shrink it enough to where it does not matter he has it

  10. My dog is a Jack Russell mix, 9 years old with hip displacer and cancer. 14 lbs. I am still trying to figure out the correct dosage for her. Can't seem to get a solid answer from any of the videos

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