How much CBD oil should I give my dog?

Pets are part of the family and deserve the same treatment, especially when they suffer anxiety or …


  1. I use CBD oil for severe back pain and neuropathy chemo gifted me, (????), and it works great! A bit for pain but a lot for this neuropathy I’ve developed as a side effect from chemo. One of my Chihuahuas has a horrible cough from allergies and so far we’ve tried a steroid shot and cough medicine in pill form, but she’s still coughing horribly. I’ve known of CBD for pets and decided I want to give it to my Gracie, I know it will help her. Has anyone used it for coughing? She’s a bit of an actress too though! If she wants sympathy or a treat she’ll ‘pretend’ cough and she thinks I don’t know the difference! But her bad cough is real and I don’t want her trachea to collapse. Any advice I’ll take! Thank you all ????

  2. CBD is great for everything….I just love it 🙂 since I've been giving my older cat cbd oil he's been more active and alert than when he was in his prime lol its great to see him so content now ????❤????

  3. Thanks Steve for this great video. We’re about to start our senior lab girl on CBD oil for her arthritis and a tumour in her ear, so this was very helpful indeed.

  4. Steve; is there a difference of potency of CBD oil from cannabis vs.  CBD oil derived from Hemp or is CBD just CBD?  I'm referencing CBD with no or just a trace amount of THC.

  5. How about lymphoma? My 3 yr old diagnosed today ! ????
    I'm looking for the alkaloids in the cbd oil they say hemp oil not favorable ? Any suggestion I've been treating her with him as cbd flowering part of plant oil and tumors plum size bug get blood work wbc and rbcs notmalnocanverin the blood yet however as ll experts saying lymphoma is systemic meaning bloodstream carries it
    On the home made cbd X 15 days started her before definitive came back . Her vet retired and had to wait over a week in researched and started immediately. Sweetheart doesn't deserve this terrible cancer! Any comments appreciated please .I'm an RN and doing my best chemo 5k and remission not guaranteed and if. Makes it through chemo and radiation 12 monthsmaybe of life . Ok w/this death sentence , I think cbd better way but looking to get the exact dosage .I know alkaloid and diet changes too important and done -oil dosage giving approx. 2 mg in. The liver balls we are making & giving 3iam & 3 pm ?Any suggestions please . And sleeps or chills out -NO IILL effects EITHER fyi THSNK GOD FOR ALTERNATIVES !

  6. i use the brand 24k cbd plus, 1500mg/1oz bottle i does about 20-30mg per serving, can i use the same cbd oil i use? or does it need to be made specifically for animals? i know they will need much less than i use, but was wondering if this would work on them?

  7. How to sensibly buy LEGAL and best quality cbd products for my dog? I've heard how CBD dog treats could benefit your dog; reduce seizures, anxiety, pain etc.

  8. My Cane corso is 2 years old and 99 pounds. She was diagnosed with epilepsy most likely caused by scar tissue build up on her brain which resulted from some type if head trauma either before, during, or shortly after birth. She has been on phenobarbital for 3 days now. I want a safer option than the pb. I can't find anything showing that cbd is proven to be as effective. Can you please help with this. I am a combat veteran and she is my service dog.

  9. Great but what percentage is this dosing chart based on? I have 4% CBD oil i know u can get 2% or 10%. Should we just go by the mg? thanks

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