HKong warns of cannabis ban related to CBD products

(27 Jan 2023) RESTRICTION SUMMARY: ASSOCIATED PRESS Hong Kong – 27 January 2023 1. Pan of news conference by …


  1. CBD from edibles or CBD drinks may convert to THC in the stomach's acidic environment. THC CAN and DOES cause PSYCHOSIS !

  2. Who cares about China, rotten communist country full of money hungry people. The Chinese will sell you poison in your food and smile the whole time. The world would be better off without China.

  3. I fly to the Phillipines, and I will no longer go through HK again. Although 6 months ago, I brought a lot of weed vapes, and the workers didn't seem to care at all. But no, I'm not going to take my chances in a communist country.

  4. Once again doing all the WRONG things to control the population. They should legalize weed and people would chill out. Much like the United States, once marijuana is legalized in a state crime rates drop, the people seem to forget they're being brainwashed by media and computers and they relax into a nice medicated haze.

  5. Another absolutely horrible story by the associated press.

    HKong? HK or HKG would be the appropriate abbreviation for Hong Kong.

    No story at all. Seeming a collection of unedited footages. Terrible audio.

    Sad to see the AP continue to publish rubbish reporting like this, in recent years. Too bad!

  6. They ain,t got a copy of the joint UN & WHO declaration of mid-December, 2017, euh… Just yet. But maybe sometime in the future, eventually…

  7. CBD is a medicine for one
    Two all of you Japanese people are still wearing masks for no reason.
    Three I'm gonna light this bowl up right now and watch this stupid news cast.
    Four marijuana is the best thing to ever Happen to this earth because it makes me deal with all of this stupidity. I feel bad for all da asian people.

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