Hemp Seed Oil Benefits For Skin | EuniyceMari

Hey INFOrmed Beauties, lets talk about the benefits of hemp seed oil for you’re skin. Hemp oil for skin has so many benefits.


  1. I’m a male and mama taught me well- now I’m learning to teach her. THANK YOU for these truly quality work, researching and preparation of this informative video. TY ❤❤

  2. Great informative vid on the benefits of Hemp seed oil for dermatological application.

    I would like to note that you mention CBD and THC interchangeably with Hemp seed oil.
    I would like people to be aware that oil derived from the seed will contain virtually no cannabinoids (CBD, THC).

    Where the oil is derived from the whole cannabis plant (including hemp variants) this will contain cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

    Further to this, if cannabinoid happens to be applied externally to the skin there is very little chance of getting high (unless consumed orally). Though people may still have adverse effects.

    Again great vid, I even took notes. Keep up the great work!

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