1. Hemp and Marijuana are the same thing. Im not going to claim theyre any different so I can cultivate. There is no reason why we should be arresting people for cultivating cannabis period and had the author of this recognized this fact, I would share his video more on my advocacy page.

  2. Only talking about building wtih hemp: Hemp houses have extreme good qualities for people to live in. Healthy atmosphere, great insulation and vapour permeable. For every house build of hemp ca 8 ton of CO2 NEGATIVE is produced so it is part of a solution to diminish climate change. See The Ultimate Hemp Reports for farmers, builders and politicians: http://the-ultimate-hemp-reports.com/

  3. USA makes other countries rich and they can't figure out how t fix our economy. Well USA do I need to shove this video up your ass so it can make it to your brain??

  4. Same thing can happen in every British Columbia community. Industrial Hemp is legal in Canada. We can all become self sustaining,communities by adding Hemp into our fields. as the USA is free to purchase Hemp products, and until they get a bit smarter and decide to legalize it so they can do the same, we should encourage it widespread in BC…It would be nice if they legalized Marijuana too but for now, why not plant a legal cash crop…

  5. @derman077 The tobacco industry managed to get legislation a long time ago that allowed them to add up to 500 chemicals and no one has the right to know what they add in. You can bet your last donut they will try to do the same thing with weed if they get the chance. That's why when they legalize it I'm going to stick to what I grow myself.

  6. I'm all for legalizing it but I am against the flashy pre rolled hip hop magazine ad style marijuana packs they are proposing. I just know they want to put other chemicals in with the thc.

  7. I just found hemp soap in my local grocery store and i'm lovin' it! It's expensive but the bar lasts twice as long. Tis so nice to be able to rub your body with something that's not loaded with bullshit chemicals that leave your skin all weird. This stuff smells so good and natural, almost as if you could take a bite out of it. It smells nutty. I'm only buying hemp products from now on. They are awesome and healthy and chemical free. The way were suppose to be living! Thanks god!

  8. In the US, we actually subsidize some people to NOT grow crops. We forbid our farmers from growing hemp, one of the most versatile and ecologically responsible crops on earth. And we bemoan the fact that many farmers can't make a decent living. Our politicians are not stupid. They know the difference between industrial hemp and pot. They know the reality of the economics. They don't care. They are selfish, unethical, power-hungry bastards.
    Except for Ron Paul.

  9. This is a great step. If America can get it together and understand the differences between a Drug Free America (hahaha, prescription chemicals BTP.) and GREEN Industrial America, Maybe someday I won't have to go through a company in Canada to get an Industrial green product in America. A product which was used by our Forefathers.

  10. We need hemp to replace a lot of none biodegradable materials. Not hemp but the T.H.C from the sativa or indica plant cures most diseases including cancer!!!. Not from smoking it but a 99.9% oil base from the plant. This plant is the only plant on the planet were the male and female plant are different. Found hemp4curedotcouk to be very informative check it out!!

  11. Come on lets be serious, hemp is a miracle plant! What other plant can cure sickness and feed and shelter millions? How many americans would line up to try tobacco protein bars and wear tobacco underwear. MY point is , all signs show that hemp aka mary jane aka weed is a good product for whoever decides to use it. If i want to use it to get a buzz, then why not..people drink alcohol to get drunk, people take all kinds of "drugs" for non medical uses. Its ok to be buzzed once in a while!

  12. the HEMP protein powders are great!

    30%+ protein and omegas 3, 6, AND 9 (which our bodies need, but cannot produce).

    hemp SEED oil is from NON psychoactive HEMP.

    i think i saw where the US hemp product sales are 300 million. all imported from canada, russia, and/or china.

    to say no to cannabis, is to say no the life.
    to say no to industrialized HEMP is corrupt.

    food, clothing, shelter, fuel, JOBS.

  13. hemp homes hemp fuels hemp FUELS!! hemp cars hemp clothings hemp biodegradeable plastics ( zelfo ) hemp furnitures hemp papers hemp paints and all of them are eco-friendly, BETTER efficient products that if we grew in america legally.. would make us FILTHY rich… no more importing….. no more imperialist american elites. yes we cannabis. legalize not legal lies.

  14. Yes there is, but in amounts so small that everywhere in the world but the US has made hemp legal to grow. It's not technically illegal to grow industrial hemp in the US, however you have to get a permit from the DEA and there are no shortage of stories about how difficult that is to obtain.

    People abusing hemp for its trace THC content is about as likely as people abusing poppy seed muffins for the trace opiates in the seeds or orange juice for trace alcohol from natural fermentation.

  15. Essentially, antioxidants are anti-carcinogens. Thus you THC causes cancer argument is not only completely false, it is actually the exact opposite of the truth.

  16. Furthermore, in patent No. 6630507, held by the United States on behalf of the Health Department, the abstract states that the cannabinols contained in marijuana are highly effective antioxidants which could be used in the treatment of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and AIDS.

    I'm not making any of this up. This is directly stated in the abstract of the patent.

    Additionally, the definition of a Schedule I substance (also defined by the US) states that the substance has no accepted medical value…

  17. Yet cigarettes (legalized, and highly profitable murder) produces these same supposed carcinogens. Why are cigarettes legal then? The government makes money from people killing themselves. THC produces no carcinogens. The chemical changes that flame creates produces your carcinogens. In my opinion the "cannabis causes carcinogens" argument is completely invalid as a reason for having it illegal, since apparently this same logic doesn't apply to cigarettes. So back at you, d4vidbruce.

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