Hemp Car – Kestrel

Hemp is an industrial resource that is banned in the U.S. Check out this electric car built from hemp plastic.


  1. What's with US TV speakers, can't they just talk, without wiggling, wobbling, shaking their heads and generally behaving like wind-up cominc dolls? Just keep still people!

    Good grief! I think I have become British! ????

  2. The USA needs to wake up, hemp can help save the planet.
    Hemp cars, hemp food cor live stock, hemp fuel.
    Farmers will make big bucks, no need for electric cars or changing the infrastructure!!!

  3. Also it locks up Carbon when we make things from it. So the cars made of Hemp fibreglass are in effect Carbon Sinks, Pity they are not run on Carbon Negative Algea Bio Fuel, or if EV via a Hydrogen Fuel Celll( HFC)

  4. wow talking about a half azz fix to the problem. growing cannabis to make the car contains some environmental benefit, but uses electric made from combustible energy. why would we brag about the hemp car without stating the fact it runs on hemp fuel? there are several advantages of hemp fuel over flex fuel or e85 and getting rid of e85 would help lower our food costs.

  5. Way to go Canada! You guys are making the future happen!
    Did you guys know that plant molds for cars are biodegradable? This means the parts we have to replace won't have to just be thrown away and can be reporposed!

  6. Where did this potential revolution go?!!! Zeoform announced it's product a couple of years ago but I can't find any more information about them that's recent.

  7. hemp also known as Indica is not the pot or stevia plant. Hemp has completely insignificant thc. Even if smoked garbage bags of it. you cant get ever high. It is that low.

  8. It's time to take our world back from these EVIL, GREEDY Corporatocracists who could care a less if we or our children survive! Remember Building 7!

  9. Don't Ever Forget 'STANLEY MAYER' inventor of the water power car. What use is a battery for 100 miles. The cells will get weaker, crap idea. Water power car all the way

  10. I heard of the Model T but never knew it was made of Hemp and that it's 10 times stronger than steel.  So why are the Eco-Terrorists – the oil, coal, nuclear, logging and fracking industries destroying our planet??? 

    I want to grow Hemp just so I can look at my Hemp plants all summer long.  Will I be arrested?

  11. Uploaded on 9 Dec 2010 and I've never head of Motive till now. So this communication thing is not actually working. 
    Concept sounds great. I live up north where acres & acres of farm land are no longer in use. hundreds of Family farms sold and never farmed since. Industrial hemp might work. So many uses and to build with to boot.

  12. finally somebody who answers with a straight answer! Namaste my friend and respects to you. Ill look into your research. Thank you for Your quick response, and tempered rresponse.. internet is full of dousche… Namaste! Much love and apretiation! KEEP SPREADING TRUTH!

  13. All my videos elaborate on the CIA/Nazi 'handling' of the 'Truth Movement' of 'Ron Paul' & ilk. Ron Paul is 'bait'. He took $75 million, gave a lot of it to 'Alex Jones' who is a gatekeeper. They work together with 'Stratfor', Homeland security to play 'jail the activist'. My friend Danny Riley was stabbed in jail not too long ago through this process. He was jailed via the 'Ed and Elaine Brown' 'Stand Off' which Ron Paul spuriously supported, just so the Brown's would get a death sentence.

  14. They must have got the idea from Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke movie. The YESCA van made from hemp too. As long as it doesn't do what the Tesla electric car did last week or they'll be up in smoke too.

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