Healing Miracles of Black Seed Oil with Dr. Mandell (Live Chat Stream)



  1. Hello, please tell me the brand of black seed oil you use, could not find it. I just found you 2 weeks ago, have been listening everyday and loved learning about the many benefits of black seed oil. Thank you so much for teaching us all so much.
    Love & Shalom

  2. Although black seed oil does really wonders for so many health issues, those with bleeding problems should be careful as it reduces blood coagulation and affects platelets.

  3. You are a blessed soul to the whole universe.Thank you doctor for spending your precious time lecturing and caring for our health.May God keep you safe and your family,never lack anything you want also keep you in good health.

  4. Sorry I missed the live….I am very interested in the properties of black seed oil. Have had it on my back burner to do list for years…and here you are. Thankyou so much!????????

  5. Divine Power, Grace favor full length of days mircles and Overwhelming abundance be yours Dr.Mandell straight from Our Father's????✨♥️ Heart as you continue to do His work here on earth in The Eternal Name of Jesus/Yeshua HA'MASHIACH ????????♥️✨????????AMEM AMEN AMEN

  6. Cumin seed in not black seed it onion seed black seeds is a little different.If you take one black seeds and crush if between your teeth you will get oil

  7. Love all your videos Dr Mandela been following you for a long time, however I didn’t see what kind of black seed oil you were taking in the description box so can you please let me know the one your taking Ty so much for everything ❤

  8. He is the way the Doctors will become. He is about healing not putting a bandaid on it like BIG PHARMA who just wants your money. Take NAC and zinc at the same time. God put all plants on this earth to heal the body. God's vessel. We are the vessel. Keep God's vessel running well.

  9. Black cumin seed oil cured my high blood pressure and diabetes. Remember this is the natural thing which is closest to ivermectin. This really works. Kills any parasites in your whole body. If you took the poison jab. Be sure to drink pine needle tea and take the ivermectin for 3 solid months or stay on the black cumin seed oil for a yr to kill all of the parasites

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