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Police across the U.S. prepare for protests ahead of the release of bodycam footage of Tyre Nichols’ arrest, Mike Pence takes “full …


  1. If you dress up a bunch of bullies in costumes with weapons and call them scorpions of course they are going to be highly aggressive, maybe if they called them fluffy bunny this wouldn't have happened.

  2. I have a problem with the Chief of Police who put that program together in the first place. If it didn't work out in Chicago, what made her think it would work out in Tenn.

  3. What police reform would of prevented this incident? They were all wearing body cams. Didn’t stop them did it ? Cops are required to stop other cops when things get out of hand. Didn’t stop it. So I’m sick and tired of hearing about police reform.

  4. Sorry everyone! But the will from Senator Gordon! His last passage! Was voted in! It was supposed to go to me! In detail to my knee surgery! I they dismantled it changed it! I pra the archive has it! It was recorded in court!, but the detectives on trial right now have it away! I could of told u 3 years ago! But no one cares about me!

  5. Ty My News Family. Now I will watch it. Have a Blessed weekend, and for Thee acronym. N. I. K. E . Means.. Now I Know Everything ????. Just for y'all Apex. Amen Amendment…

  6. That was the level of intensity that was needed at uvaldi tx.
    Police do have to train that intensity because they emwill up against a mass shooter, with body armor and explosives.
    We know,,, it's going to happen.

  7. This video was horrendous and these officers lost the value of life within their hearts and should not be officers of peace and this should apply to all peace officers with in America,,remember Ronald Green and what are the differences..this is why police officers should have to be bonded just like doctors and not from the american tax payers funds again the police are defunding their own organizations not the american citizens..the people have a constitutional right to protest against evil..

  8. I was shocked seeing this. What are these people? The are outright asocials. How can people AS A GROUP do something like this IN A POLICE UNIFORM?

    As an outsider from an orderly western country one just cannot understand. Its just weird, and VERY scary. I am not sure I want to visit the USA after seeing this.

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