Gov. Tim Walz, Dems signal recreational marijuana could be legalized next session

After Tuesday’s election, where the issue was before voters in some states, 21 states have legalized marijuana for recreational …


  1. So stupid it will get far just not far enough unless a miracle happens unreal how you guys can drink alcohol casually, but can’t get up go outside and light up a joint. Impaired driving yea ok like you don’t deal with more drunks then high I’d rather have a pit head in front or behind me not someone who just came from a bar

  2. Looks like a lot of pot heads in these comments, I was a child in the 60's and found a way to get liquor, it will be easy for children to get this to. Been sober since 1983, good luck to all that will use. Democrats always say it's about the children, let us see what happens.

  3. Wouldn't it be nice if the "christians" would read their book for once. Job complaining about an herb who knows? Holy anointing oil an ingredient that lands you in prison. A preacher reads this and assumes I'm wrong but won't research himself. Got it

  4. Not everything against the law is bad.
    Things may not be good for someone, but neither is shoveling food in your mouth and getting fat.

    But lying and saying marijuana is harmless is bs…

  5. This is supposed to be the land of the free, so yes. Power to the people. The government is to WORK FOR US, not find ways to make our lives more difficult.

  6. I am in recovery and have PTSD I live in KY and have so many mental health issues I will not let any law effect me I am a great dad and a hard worker I need this for therapy and will not be the person I am today without it

  7. Let the people grow their own as well as being able to walk in a a smoke shop otherwise big business will control price and what you can get but this is Minnesota we will be the 51st state to legalize it Minnesota just can’t stop trying to take care of its citizens from cradle to grave that’s a bigger problem then the weed thing

  8. It is a gateway drug to more lethal drugs… I know to many that made this mistake and are dead. Young and never made it to an old age. Very sad…

  9. 29 thousand viewership suggests people from other countries and U.S. states are watching local Minneapolis news story rather than a local audience. We have too many ties with Russian culture here. Built-in viewership is not cool. A rival story about the matter on popular WCCO competitor Kare 11 only got 1.1 K views so far, so there is too much suspicion about the honesty of the viewership.

  10. Has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans. My state of Missouri (super red) just legalized it. This isn't a partisan issue. Yall just want it to seem like a partisan issue for votes. Fck outa here

  11. Marijuana smoke is more lethal than cigarette smoke, says the latest medical study……hahahahah suck it, liberals. You're trying to legalize something that is more dangerous than the cigarettes you've spent 20 years warning kids about on every youth program and other places besides. Nice going.

    75% of pothead losers in the study had emphysema vs 70% of cigarette smokers.

    And weed puts small holes in your lungs when you smoke it.

  12. Back in the day I was all about legalizing pot, now thatGod set me free from drug addiction. It a horrible idea. Just study what has happened in Colorado. But then we in Minnesota know what a idiot Tim walz is!!

  13. I know many hard workers who smoke after work to relax and get some good sleep. Every anti-pot comment comes from some 80 year old miserable man or woman who thinks reefer madness was a documentary.

    Stop expecting everyone else to live the way you do. Also if you are against pot but you also drink it makes you an extreme hypocrite. Alcohol actually can kill you in many different ways. Pot cant. You can keep smoking pot all day long you're not gonna black out completely and freeze to death in the cold or drown in vomit. The buzz stops at a certain point and all it does it make you more tired really. But most of you wouldn't know that. The people who are the most outspoken against it are the ones who know the least about it.

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