GABAPENTIN | Neurontin: Side Effects and How to Take

Gabapentin is a medication that is used for a lot of different things. We use it for back pain, nerve pains like diabetic neuropathy, …


  1. I have been taking gabepenten for along time now I was diagnosed with zinc poisoning which has destroyed my nervous system it works well with all my medications! I watch how much I take and it works fine for me!! I have NUERAPHATHY AND NUMBNESS IN MY BODY FROM MY THIGHS TO MY TIPS OF MY TOES AND IN MY HANDS AND FINGERS THE PAIN IS ALWAYS THERE!! IF YOU TAKE ANY MEDICATIONS FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME JUST BE CAREFUL!! I HOPE THAT THIS HELPS YOU MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS AMEN ???? ❤️

  2. People are addicted to nicotine and alcohol too. Why are they restricting a substance a person needs to live a normal life and keep a job. But cigs and alcohol are okay to ruin and take your life

  3. I am on 1,800 mg of Gabapentin a day for alcohol relapse prevention. I am 7 months sober and doing very well. I do believe the Gabapentin along with Naltrexone really help. ????

  4. I was prescribed this drug due to nerve pain from a herniated disc and degenerative disc disease. It was the worst 18 months of my life. I never "adjust" to the dosage. I was completely out of it the whole time. Even though I tapered off it I went thru solid withdrawal symptoms for a week and mild symptoms for the next 30 days. After I was off I realized that I had been having suicidal thoughts every day while on it. The thing that made me stop taking it was an allergic reaction to the sun. My entire arm was blistering from driving for a couple hours on a spring day in the northeast, not a sunburn, an actual reaction from the drug and the sun. And it didn't help the pain other than I was too high to know how much it hurt. I warn anyone considering the med that it is poison and try everything else firat.

  5. My resting heart rate has been stuck at 44 bpm, I can’t even get out of my own way lately. I take 400mg 3 times a day. No clue what’s happening to me. I got electrocuted at 7 years old then I got hit by lightning at 21. It’s done a number on my body. Horrible nerve pain. Got diagnosed with small nerve fiber neuropathy, it’s causing me to completely malfunction.

  6. My partner was on this disgusting medication and was, bloated from retaining fluid, thinned blood, dizzy, dry mouthed. Worst of all he's epileptic. Not good for anything but the bin.

  7. Only thing Gabapentin did was turn on my appetite and I gained 40 pounds. It's actual use was intended as an anticonvulsant for partial seizures caused by over stimulated neurons on the brain. It's where the GABA part comes from (gamma aminobutyric acid) thought to calm these nerve endings in the brain

  8. I'm prescribed so much of this crap if I took it as prescribed I'd be a zombie. They give it to me for severe anxiety. It works as a pain killer but barely. You people don't seem to understand that sometimes we know what works best. This shit makes me nauseated and dizzy. And it's the new trendy drug because it's given out like candy.

  9. It done nothing except blur my vision . I stopped after a month .
    The only one that showed some promise was amtripaline. 150 mg was best , but when the fluid retention started I went back to 100mg . There’s a strong link to dementia, but I have no other choice . All the others had toxic side effects.

  10. For over ten years I was taking Gabapentin 300’s twice a day for neuropathy in my legs. After about eight years of this I began to notice I was losing some of my memory, was constantly tired and wanted to sleep, and I was getting double vision. Not the double vision one normally has, but double vision whereby the objects I was looking at were stacked. I could close either eye and still see one object stacked atop the other. No one could explain what was going on. As the years progressed so did the loss of memory to the point I had real trouble just walking around the block. I would forget where I lived and how to get home. Going to the store became almost impossible without using the GPS in my car. My sleepiness became worse to the point I could go to sleep as soon as I sat down. The double vision became triple, then quadruple. I could still see the ‘main’ object but the ‘extra’ objects were becoming a real issue. After seeing more doctors it was determined 1) I did not have diabetic neuropathy and thus should never have been on the drug in the first place, and 2) my memory and eye sight issues were due to Gabapentin. I was weaned off the drug. I swore to never take it again. Now I have three severe stenosis on one side of my neck. I’ve tried all the physical therapy, steroid injections and ablations of the nerves in my neck. The tingling and muscle pain is almost too much to handle. I was put on Gabapentin 100’s to try to control this issue. I am starting to notice small amounts of memory loss, an ‘otherworldly’ feeling, and constantly feeling sleepy. My vision remains good. I will soon have my C3-C4-C5 fused. I have been told this should allow me to get off Gabapentin completely.

  11. Gabapentin does NOT do a fuckin' thing. It does NOT work, It does absolutely nothing. It's supposed mechanism of action is fundamentally flawed and this class of drugs should be avoided. Biochemist, pharmaceutical researcher, retired. D.O., it figures!

  12. My doctors prescribed this when I was having terrible back pain. I had to start wearing a football type mouthpiece while sleeping because I was biting the heck out of my tongue in my sleep. Nasty medicine.

  13. Gabapentin was one of the WORST medications I've ever taken. I got virtually EVERY side effect possible. Even when the side effects started my doctor was denying the drug was the issue. He was happy to "push" me to continue taking it. I ended up in the hospital for over a week until I stabilized. I'm happy for those of you who have had success with gabapentin. However, I encourage people to ALWAYS read the print out the pharmacy gives you listing adverse reactions. Some docs are in bed with drug reps, just want to rush you out of the appointment & don't care as much as they should.

  14. Horrible med. I’m listening to this as I’m typing…..I want to see if he warns people that it can cause night terrors and messed up dream states. I was on this after back surgery that failed and I was still having bad nerve pain. I was on it for about 7 months, and even though you’re supposed to taper off I stopped abruptly. I had a night terror, I woke up standing in my living room looking for the person I was dreaming about chasing me with a knife. I had my loaded Glock in my hand. Thank God I didn’t fire it.
    I went back on my opioid med after that. My doctor actually told me he didn’t warn me about night terrors hoping I didn’t have them. A lot of patients in nursing homes have them I found out.

  15. You can't taper off gabapentin. If you've taken gabapentin long enough to have withdrawal, then you'll have to go through 10 days of hell. It's over on the morning of the 11th day. It's weird.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. My Mother had leg cramps so her doctor prescribed it Gabapentin. My Mother committed suicide. Please Google all the lawsuits regarding depression and suicide while on Gabapentin.

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