Florida surpasses 700K medical marijuana patients

There are now 700000 medical marijuana patients in the state of Florida. That’s more than twice as many as there were at the …


  1. How is a state full of libertarians and known for partying having this much problem legalizing cannabis? Do you really hate liberals that much? ROFL, or is it that drug cartels are bribing politicians to keep it illegal? It's billions of dollars for them I could see it. Hmm, I wonder if that's really the case…

  2. denying peoples choice to self medicate is what this goverment does best just because theres more patients after years of repretion and theyre getting into the stigma of the plant like theyve been for years in the end we're all waking up and just like tia land it should get fully legalized

  3. I have damage to all of my disc and I am in chronic pain. Medical marijuana keeps me from going crazy from pain. It also makes me feel relaxed and help my chronic pain. There isn't anything that they as doctors can do. I am only 43 I also will say I respect others do it in my home don't smoke around people that are against it. I do it to relax and not hurt. Alcohol is so much worse and people get violent when there drunk. I smoke two and a half ounces a month. And use edibles also. I just paid 194 dollars for the right to smoke for 7 months . To me that is criminal. I have a medical condition that will end up crippling me. If Suzi homemaker thinks weed is so horrible I say that's her right. But it's not her right to be against something that helps me deal with the dark future I have. I never don't hurt. I get relief from pain and it's safer than pain pills and easier to get . I think we need to focus more on passing a law that allows it to go recreational so more disabled people like my self will be able to afford it. Also cops need to be more educated about how it blocks pain receptors and allows people like my self to use something god put here on the earth. Marijuana is not a gateway drug I smoke alot of weed and never said you know what let's try meth . Never people might gain access to stupid drugs because someone they smoke with might use that drug and offer that to them but weed doesn't make you crazy like all the other drugs out there. Also for people like me that are only going to get worse Florida let me grow my own plants legally in my home so I can help save some money in the long run. Would save me having to go to the dispensary also as much. I wish churches would let people know it's not a dangerous drug. And knowing can die from doing too much and praise God for creating it. But no churches still treat it like devil's lettuce. But it's ok for the preacher that hurt his back to take oxycodone that will kill him if he takes too much. Dr need to be allowed also to prescribe it our primary doctors and pain management for sure should be allowed to prescribe it.

  4. Ron DeSantis is definitely helping Florida propeller legalize. One I thank him for legalizing smokable flower and 2) He refused to put a cap on medical marijuana strength at 10% and limit dosage. He said thats up to the patients and doctors. Were taking baby steps but learning from the trial and errors of other states that legalized 10 years ago like my home of Colorado.

  5. That should be a good thing that we’re trying to go towards holistic alternatives rather than shoving our mouths with pills. Of course politicians are going to see a problem with this because big Pharma will try to make all the money

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