FDA Addresses CBD Rules, Curaleaf to Leave Legal States

In a major move – or non-move – by the feds this week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says it *won’t* be issuing any new …


  1. 26:35 terrapin was my first American dispo I ever went to, can't believe they're still around like nearly a decade later. Well maybe not so much anymore lol

  2. Obviously, this has nothing to do with poor cannabis users growing/sharing their own due to these billionaire scumbag cannabis companies charging people $20 A FVCKING GRAM for garbage.

  3. Curaleaf will be found guilty of massive and I mean MASSIVE money laundering.
    There is also a paper trail showing Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker & his buddies are connected in this laundering scheme too.

  4. Curaleaf seems to not care about the medical program here in CT! They are buying up the smaller shops which had a good thing going! Know u can’t get an oz anymore and save money. Only offer 1/8 ‘s and they jacked up the prices for the medical patient. Then they blame it on the adult program! Such a joke! Stop supporting people who don’t care about your medical needs. Grow your own .

  5. The content is great. The quality of the guest video needs to be raised. Deb is in some orange light, the dude that went second is in blue light, the third guest is reading off a prompt and the background is a disaster with what appeared to be a squirrel on head? This is all 7 minutes into the video. Ugh.

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